Were You Approached Today?

Did you experience anti-abortion protesters at EMW Women’s Surgical Center?

We are gathering stories about experiences with protesters when going to EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville. Were you a patient who felt scared or nervous around the protesters? Were you a family member or friend who accompanied a patient who experienced harassment? Were you a pedestrian on the sidewalk on Market Street with no plans to enter EMW Women’s Surgical Center, but you were subjected to graphic posters or pamphlets on your walk? Please share your story.

This week the clinic has begun collecting experiences from people facing anti-abortion protesters with a simple checklist questionnaire. The answers to the questionnaire and your comments will be compiled into a report weekly. We plan to use this information in an effort to convince state and local leaders to protect your right to privacy when accessing abortion services. We will not use ANY names or identifying information when sharing your stories.

Please add a comment below. You can use a fake name and your email address will never be published. If you would prefer, you can send your story to our email address: everysaturdaymorning@gmail.com

We will gather these stories in an effort to document anti-abortion protesters here in Louisville aren’t all nice, grandmotherly types who just want to talk.

Thank you for your assistance.




4 thoughts on “Were You Approached Today?

  1. I was walking with my wife down Market St and encountered the posters of the protesters in front of the clinic, which I gazed at. This was quickly followed by protesters loudly reciting to me abortion “facts”, and in due course turned into taunts that I am a murderer in my heart unless I agree with them.

    Man do I hate bullies.

    I’m also irritated with myself for having such weak responses to their practiced insults, although they told me they would pray for me. The encounter has made me want to be an escort, but I don’t know if I can be stoic enough not to succumb to meeting anger with anger and escalating it into physical confrontation. The fact that I’m still agitated 3 days later worries me.

    • We say all of the time that the antis are our best recruiting tool for escorts. It’s hard not to respond to them at times, but Escorts practice non-engagement and try to ignore them like they aren’t there. With practice, we have found it works to thwart their arguments. We just don’t respond. If you believe you would like to try,please send an email to everysaturdaymorning@gmail.com and we will be glad to discuss it with you.

  2. Thank you for the work you do. Your calm spirits and positive energy were a saving grace to the hatred and vile protesters that do absolutely nothing.

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