Escorts supporting escorts


image of a face mask made of orange fabric with black letters spelling “CLINIC ESCORT” on a speckled background. Words on the image say: Escorts supporting escorts. A mutual aid relief effort by & for Louisville Ccinic Escorts. Give at

We have been coping with COVID-19 since late January. Almost a full year our lives have been disrupted. The escorts stayed home from April 4, 2020-July 1, 2020. Businesses closed. Jobs disappeared. The Federal government stimulus checks are a fond memory, but disappeared quickly. Those able to draw unemployment have reached their limit. Many people have had their work hours reduced or eliminated. The list goes on for those things that have made this year particularly hard for most of us. 

An escort asked recently, “Can we do something?” The answer is, “Yes.”

We are starting a new gift program for active escorts to show our appreciation.

We won’t be able to pay rent, utility bills or even buy a cart full of groceries. What we can do is give a gift of extra cash to spend on a meal, a dessert, donuts for breakfast or other items. The gifts will only be $25 at a time until donated funds run out.

How does Escorts Supporting Escorts work? 

  1. Escorts or friends of escorts can donate to the fund for food or other essentials to benefit other escorts. 
  2. Send a donation via PayPal to or click here
    1. Be sure to add the comment you are donating to Escorts Supporting Escorts
    2. Donations can be kept confidential
    3. Donations are not tax deductible

40 Days of Respect-Day 20


Minority Report: POC Experiences on the Sidewalk– by Roxanne

I know I promised a follow-up to my piece at the end of January, but y’all know what a giant dumpster fire this year has been. When I wrote my last blog entry, I thought Joe Exotic was going to be the craziest moment of 2020. However, COVID-19, police brutality, and the president collectively said “Hold my beer.” 

I am still working on a follow-up piece, but right now I want to take this time to publicly recognize and thank the members of Louisville Clinic Escorts. The solidarity and love I have felt by this group is unlike anything I have ever experienced. 

Many people in the reproductive justice community claim to be an ally to the Black community…until things get too uncomfortable. If someone gets defensive when they hear the words “white privilege”, they’re not an ally. It’s downright insulting for a person to declare themself an ally, but get more upset about “rioting” than they do the root cause for said rioting. If their first reaction is to interject with  “NOT ALL” when a person of color says “white people”, they are most certainly not an ally. 

But not my escort friends. They embody the true meaning of what an ally should be. I have witnessed them call out strangers in comment sections under news articles, which makes me incredibly thankful because people that stand up for you even when no one is looking, they’re the best kind of people. They’ve checked on me from time to time for no reason other than me being a Black woman. They’ve been on the front lines providing medical support, food, serving as emergency contacts to protestors, taking rubber bullets and inhaling teargas for the last several months. They have called and emailed politicians to hold them accountable. I have witnessed them fighting racism and police brutality with the same tenacious energy that they do within the reproductive justice community. 

I did not know a single one of these people 18 months ago. However, the genuine care, respect, and solidarity they have shown is immeasurable. Although it seems like everyday brings yet another reason to lose faith in humanity, clinic escorts both in Louisville and around the country continue to show me that there is hope for change. I know without a doubt that members of this awesome community I’m part of will be the ones leading the change. To all of my fellow Louisville Clinic Escorts, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I am so proud to be part of this group and to have such amazing people in my life. 

40 Days of Respect-Day 18


I love and appreciate abortion providers because, day in and day out, they show up and provide quality and compassionate healthcare. They are constantly targets of hatred, vitriol, and violence, but still choose to serve their communities. Abortion providers don’t acquiesce to intimidation but rise above it, and I’m thankful for them every day.

40 Days of Respect-Day 16


The quote by Faye Wattleton; “Reproductive freedom is critical to a whole range of issues. If we can’t take charge of this most personal aspect of our lives, we can’t take care of anything. It should not be seen as a privilege or as a benefit, but a fundamental human right.” sums up the way the staff and doctors at EMW provide reproductive freedom.

40 Days of Respect-Day 12


Being a clinic escort we see a different side to the harassment that the staff and doctors at EMW experience on a daily basis. Antis target them while they’re getting out of their cars in the staff parking lot, put their photos on giant posters and call them murderers and in the past have been known to harass them in their own neighborhoods. The love and respect I have for the staff at EMW cannot be put into words.