Trainings for Escorts

For your safety and liability issues, you must be over 18 to volunteer as an escort.

**UPDATE as of September 15, 2020** 
Louisville Clinic Escorts are accepting new applications again. Please send an email to
to ask about the  next steps. 

**UPDATE as of April 2020**
 Louisville Clinic Escorts are not accepting new applications at this time. We ask that folks stay #HealthyatHome, and visit for the latest CDC recommendations and Executive orders for Kentucky.

We’re always glad when people are interested in escorting. Because of today’s political/social climate, the increased incidents of violence and disruption from protesters around the country and the increased number of protesters at EMW, we typically do a screening with potential escorts.

Please send a request to if you would like to try escorting or if you have additional questions.

We hold formal training sessions throughout the year. Upcoming training sessions will be announced on this blog. We strive to have a training class once every two-three months during the year.  We ask new escorts to attend the next training available, though we do not require training prior to getting involved.

If you are considering becoming an escort, please start by reading our Points of Unity. There is a link to them at the top of this blog.

Escorting is an intense emotional experience for some people. We realize it is not for everyone. We encourage you to review the types of antis you will encounter before coming out to join us. There are articles describing these types (Pick an Anti-Part 1 and Pick an Anti-Part 2) and video (A Powerful Project) and an article explaining the CPC next door to the clinic..

New escort orientation includes:

  • Observing only for at least two times
  • Pairing with an experienced escort mentor and shadowing the mentor for several times.
  • Attend the next training class

Please send a request to if you would like to try escorting or if you have additional questions.

Next Trainings:
Tuesday November 16, 2020

Wednesday November 17, 2020

6 thoughts on “Trainings for Escorts

  1. I live in CT, and am fortunate enough to live in s state where access to abortion and reproductive rights isn’t being threatened. What you do is necessary, and I’m so thankful for your courage and dedication to helping these women. If I was in KY, I’d volunteer in s second. If there’s anything I can do from here, please let me know.

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    • We encourage people to come down and observe at the clinic the morning of the training and introduce yourself, get an idea of what we are talking about and then come to the training. But by no means do we require it. Otherwise just come on down and we will be glad to meet you.

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