Tips from the escorts

Volunteer escorts wear ORANGE vests, and will be outside the clinic and near parking areas during most patient arrival times. Due to the ongoing pandemic and the nature of being an all volunteer group, we cannot be present at all times. Here are some tips for getting in the door with or without an escort:

1. You don’t have to interact or speak with protesters. The best thing to do is keep walking to get inside the clinic as fast as possible.
2. Stay in your car until your appointment time. Being dropped off in front of the clinic is the best option.
3. Louisville clinic escorts will never wear yellow vests. If someone in a yellow vest approaches you, they are a protester.
4. You can park in the public garage at 115 W Jefferson street and bring in your parking ticket into the clinic. They will validate it.
5. You may relay any notable experiences with protesters to clinic staff. Remember, you do not have to talk to them. Just keep walking to the entrance.

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