40 Days of Respect-Day 12


Being a clinic escort we see a different side to the harassment that the staff and doctors at EMW experience on a daily basis. Antis target them while they’re getting out of their cars in the staff parking lot, put their photos on giant posters and call them murderers and in the past have been known to harass them in their own neighborhoods. The love and respect I have for the staff at EMW cannot be put into words.

40 Days of Respect-Day 8


“EMW stands in the void left by the biased small minded legislature of this state. It is the only facility that gives people the opportunity to remain in control of their future.
I volunteered as an escort at EMW for 14 years until Covid sidelined me this spring out of concern for my own health. I saw the pain, confusion and conflict that clients and companions experienced after running the gauntlet of anti-choice terrorists. I saw the professional and empathetic way staff handled situations that would never occur in any other clinic in the state. I am in awe of these professionals who put their own joy and safety on the line 5 days a week.” – Clinic Escort and Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice board member.

40 Days of Respect – Day 3


EMW Women’s Surgical Center is such a supportive work environment they have many employees who have been there for over 16-20 years. The Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (KRCRC) honored two of them in the spring of 2018.

The full article is below, but this quote really says everything about Anne Ahola, Director:

She handles all those pressures with grace and courage,
setting the tone for all the clinic staff. Counseling– “often
a short few minutes when I can approve, empower, be kind
and compassionate”– is the part of her job that she likes
best. She also appreciates the clinic’s physicians and staff,
and especially thanks the volunteers who escort patients
through the noisy mob of demonstrators into the clinic.
“I couldn’t be more grateful, to everyone who has helped
women and families have a choice in their family planning,”
she concludes.

Dona Wells is retired now, but this quote is one we try to follow:

Dona Wells is a woman of courage—a woman who even in
the face of hostility, hardship and danger works for the cause
she believes in. She has set an example for all of us, and we
must now continue her work.

This is a screen shot of the article, but please follow this link to the newsletter archives of KRCRC. They are valued supporters of EMW Women’s Surgical Center.