Media Requests

Please send all media requests for upcoming coverage or interviews to

The Louisville Clinic Escort group is unique in that we are structured as a non-hierarchical group of autonomous individuals. When an escort speaks to the media, they speak for themselves; not for the clinic and not for the group (Please see Points of Unity).

The sidewalk beyond the clinic property is a public space, but for the safety of patients and escorts, please contact us in advance if you would like to come to the sidewalk. Feel free to read the blog to get a feeling of what it is like.  Also if you would like to come out to the sidewalk, please be mindful of your camera and how you use it (Please see Points of Unity). Escorts will not give interviews near the entrance of the clinic. Some escorts are willing to interview with the media, but it is best to do those interviews across the street or elsewhere. Escorts will not facilitate interviews with clients.

If escorts feel any media on the sidewalk is interfering or harassing clients as they try to access the clinic, media will be asked to stop the behavior.  If the behavior continues, media will be deemed a hindrance and be treated like anti-choice protesters (non-engagement). The sidewalk is a volatile place, so please prepare yourself and be aware of what is happening around you on the sidewalk.

While Louisville Clinic Escorts volunteer at EMW Women’s Surgical Center, we are autonomous volunteers, and cannot speak for the clinic or give permission for media to be on clinic property.  If you would like to speak with someone with EMW Women’s Surgical Center, please contact them directly.

EMW Women’s Surgical Center property is private property. Media must gain permission from EMW to be on that private property.