Louisville’s Clinic Escorts Points of Unity

* Escorts must gain consent from every client every time.

*Escorts are present to support people and create space for them to be empowered while accessing reproductive healthcare.

* Our goal is always to de-escalate.

* Our goal is to normalize and de-stigmatize abortion services.

* Escort interactions with anti-choice protesters should be purposeful, focused and calm.

* Escorts should always be honest and transparent about our intentions and the experience outside the clinic.

* Escorts should not make assumptions about clients.

* The clinic is not an appropriate place for political speech or protesting of any kind.

* Louisville’s clinic escorts are a non-hierarchical group of autonomous individuals.

* We can only speak for ourselves and not for the group or EMW Women’s Surgical Center.

Media Policy

– All requests for interviews should be sent to esmmediaandpr@gmail.com. Please see our media requests page for more info.
-Gain consent from all escorts to be filmed and published.

-Filming or photographing clients without consent is unacceptable.

-Maintain an awareness of camera use as a tool of shame and intimidation.

-Be conscious of the power of a camera’s presence.

-The only people who should represent escorting in Louisville to media, are local Louisville Clinic Escorts.

-If you are to speak to the media as a clinic escort, make a clear statement of individual responsibility.

8 thoughts on “Louisville’s Clinic Escorts Points of Unity

  1. What you’re doing is absolutely amazing – and it should be promoted so more clinics can gain the same support! I’ve never been pregnant myself and I don’t know anyone who’s had an abortion, but I’ve been pro-choice my entire youth and adult life. One of my friends told me a while ago about these so-called “prayer warriors” who show up at clinics to chastise women who are there to get an abortion, and I kept thinking – there needs to be someone to support these women, especially when they’re facing potentially belligerent anti-abortionists. THANK YOU for doing something about it!

  2. Your service really helped me in a time of need when I felt completely alone and ambushed. Nothing was even said between the person walking with me other than them introducing themselves to me but that was enough. It helped me through that morning and I appreciate that very much!

  3. Thank you so much for providing me with the breif protection I needed as I walked alone through the hostility! It was a life changing experience and while the act itself changed me, seeing the “hate” and judgement passed by strangers posing as christians was the most painful part of my experience! Thank you, to all of you that volunteer to help us make that walk safely, especially those of us who are alone! Those breif moments of being enclosed by your protection, gave me the courage to do what I HAD to do!

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