How to get involved

We’re always glad when people are interested in escorting. Because of today’s political/social climate, the increased incidents of violence and disruption from protesters around the country and the increased number of protesters at EMW, we screen all potential escorts.

Please send a request to if you would like to try escorting or if you have additional questions.

One way to get involved in the Reproductive and Sexual Justice community here in Louisville is to escort at the clinic. We are there every morning Tuesday through Saturday. Before you come, we will ask you to read the Points of Unity, and agree to follow them. We ask new escorts to attend the next training available.

We emphasize that if you are considering becoming an escort, please be sure to start by reading our Points of Unity. Escorting isn’t for everybody, and some people who are really interested in making a difference discover that being on the sidewalk is not the best fit for them. It’s hard to know until you’re there. Some of our most effective escorts are people who were concerned that they wouldn’t be “good at it.” Others discover that they do better taking other kinds of action. In that case there are a number of other organizations that support the right to Access:

Other organizations supporting the right to Choose include:

  • Kentucky Health Justice Network Kentucky Support Network (KSN) is the direct service program of the Kentucky Health Justice Network that works to connect individuals and families in Kentucky to reproductive health care information and services.
  • A Fund – Part of the National Network of Abortion Funds Mail donations by check to: P.O. Box 5516 Louisville KY 40255-0516. Online donations: Search for: A Fund Inc., Louisville, KY, Area of Interest is Human Services
  • Louisville Clinic Escorts – email for details on donations. Benefits escorts by providing supplies and legal defense fund.
  • KRCRC – Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice Mail Donations by check to: PO Box 4065, Louisville, KY 40204-0065 Online donations: Follow the link to Network for Good on the KRCRC website.
  • ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project

18 thoughts on “How to get involved

  1. On June 11th, 2021, I was traveling through Louisville, the no-toll way, and passed the corner with people acting abusive in the name of religion. I didn’t like that. I circled the block and it was a family full of religion preaching about evil and judging the people coming to the clinic for help. Well, this Yankee whose Mother came from Mississippi wasn’t pleased with their self-rightous serman. (yep, meant that). I stopped my car right out front and yelled through my window that someone needs to tell that preacher he’s not speaking the words of Jesus. The girl was looking at me in disbelief; an escort was just as shocked and I think she was recording me on her phone. The preacher came over with his Bible and he wanted to talk about what the Bible says and I told him that a real Christan forgives. He wanted to preach and I told him if he wanted to quote a tribe’s laws from history that had nothing to do with the teaching’s of Jesus, who was the new covenent. I told him he should be ashamed of himself for judging. The protestors actions are pathetic and they are only there for attention. Makes me want to come down and preach to the protesters and tell them what sinners they are.

    • Herb,

      We sympathize with your comment, but need to discourage you from coming down and preaching to the protesters. You would create a chaotic situation for the clients that is unnecessary. We would have to treat you like another protester. A suggestion to you would be write letters to local new outlets in support of the Safety Zone. Thank you for your support.

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  5. I don’t understand why police don’t intervene when protesters are screaming inches away from car window and walking inches behind people walking across the street at EMC. If they are called do they respond?

  6. I was a client at the clinic a couple of weeks ago and the presence of the escorts was so very much appreciated. Just driving around the block looking for a safe place to park was intimidating as there were protesters at every single stop. Thank you to everyone who volunteers and supports women making their own choices for their own bodies and lives. I look forward to volunteering in the future, as the need for escorts is so evident.

    • Thanks for the kind words, LL. I’m glad our presence was helpful – and appreciate you taking the time to say so here! We’ll look forward to meeting you when you start volunteering.

    • Hi, Kat – There is a clinic in Lexington, but it’s only open part-time and they don’t have much of a protester problem because the set-up is different. There are some people in Lexington who come up to escort sometimes – if you want more info on that, email us, ok?

      Thanks for the offer – and for reading!

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  9. I want to thank you all for the work you do to help women get to the clinic safely. We were there Tuesday morning, my daughter and me. The escorts we met were gentle, calm, and comforting despite the persistent chaser and the rest of the fundies on the sidewalk. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Much love to all of you!! I am considering helping out as an escort, but I still feel far too much anger toward the protestors to do so… it will be a while.

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    • I would like to escort myself, but how does one get stared? Do I have to call the clinic to talk to someone in charge of escorting or do I just show up and talk to an escort? Is there an application and interview process? I suppose it might be different for different clinics and a call couldn’t hurt either way.
      How did you get started?

      • you can show up and speak with an escort if you would like. we will ask that you observe from different posts and shadow experienced escorts to learn the ropes before jumping in. please read our Points of Unity and follow up with any questions. We hold trainings throughout the year, please attend one when you can.

        🙂 thanks!

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