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We are worried about abortion access in the US more than ever now. Many people are asking us how they can help. We are making a list of funds we know about that do great work in either providing the funds necessary or other practical support for people seeking abortions. Any one of these organizations would be grateful to receive your donations.

Louisville Clinic Escorts (not a 501c3 org)

You can send your donation via PayPal. Just make a “payment” to our email address

Kentucky Reproductive Freedom Fund at the Community Foundation of Louisville. (501c3 org) Donate here.

EMW Women’s Surgical Center and the Kentucky Reproductive Freedom Fund refuse to back down in the fight to protect women’s access to constitutionally protected, safe and dignified reproductive healthcare. As we await the verdict in 3 federal court cases and continue to legally challenge  relentless new legislation, there is an immediate step you can take personally to ease the burdens placed on women seeking care at the only licensed abortion clinic left in the state.
Current state laws and lack of access to care require many patients to travel hundreds of miles to EMW Women’s Surgical Center. Patients then endure hostility from anti-choice extremists as they enter and exit the clinic for counseling and procedures. In the last two years, there has been an escalation of aggressive behavior towards patients and volunteer escorts.
EMW would like to provide designated parking for all patients seeking healthcare at the clinic to reduce emotional trauma and increase the safety, security, and convenience of patients and volunteer escorts. By making a taxexempt donation to the Kentucky Reproductive Freedom Fund you can help alleviate this additional burden.
Donations may be made anonymously either by check or online. Designate your donation to parking expenses by earmarking your contribution as “EMW parking”.

A Fund (501c3 org)

The oldest abortion fund in KY. Since 1993, we have been helping to pay for abortions for women who want to terminate unwanted pregnancies but who lack the means to pay for abortion. Donate here

Kentucky Health Justice Network (KHJN) (501c3 org)

Kentucky Support Network is a network of volunteers who support people seeking abortion with financial assistance, transportation, interpretation, and more. Donate here

Arkansas Abortion Support Network (501c3 org)

ASA provides financial and some logistic support to abortion patients. We provide assistance to cover costs associated with the abortion procedure, travel and lodging, and childcare. We also provide transportation services on a limited basis. Donate here.

Montgomery Area Reproductive Justice Coalition Website

The P.O.W.E.R. (People Organizing for Women’s Empowerment & Rights) House is a historical, multi use building that houses the offices of Montgomery Area Reproductive Justice Coalition and serves the patients of Reproductive Health Services, Montgomery’s only abortion clinic. .

You can donate via PayPal to:

If you would like to add your organizations to our list, please email us at