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  1. I’m a certified surgical technologist and would love to volunteer my time in any capacity! I’m willing to be an escort or volunteer as a scrub tech. Please let me know how I can help you guys.

  2. Ohayo! I would like to volunteer to help, how can I do this? I’ve had many friends guilted over abortion and the sort and I want to help keep people getting harassed

    • Thank you for your interest in escorting. Please send an email to our address of everysaturday @gmail.com. You can also view our Trainings for Escorts page on this blog.

  3. I think the protesters should have to put their name on a list to adopt any fetus that would possible be born with medical problems or unwanted, do to financial problems, rape, incest or just not capable of taking care of a child. First name on list gets first child born no matter what the condition or race the child is. I think that would make the protesters think again why some of the women are there.

  4. I just want you all to be aware that Live Action News (LAN) has written a post about the “sidewalk counselors” at A Woman’s Choice. They also said the escorts from EverySaturdayMorning have “gone so far as to step on the feet of counselors or to kick at them, and has also called the police on more than one occasion, despite the fact that the clinic has no buffer zone due to is location, and the presence of the counselors is clearly legal. In one instance, a lawsuit was even filed against one of the counselors.”

    I hope maybe you can respond to this post on LAN, and give your side of the story on ESM’s WordPress blog.

    • Back from vacation, and trying to find the particular post you’re talking about. There are about 10 “stories” they’ve done lately, so not sure which one to look at. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner – thanks for saying something!

      • Thanks – I remember that story now. You know, I seriously doubt that we could get a post on this published by them. Beyond that, our whole blog really refutes their allegations. I guess I can do something on it specifically, but really, I’ve written a zillion times about incidents where they push someone and accuse us of pushing, or say something mean and talk about how unkind we are. I’m not sure it makes any difference if I say it again. Thanks for sending me the link though, I’ll look at it again.

  5. I love what you all do, and I am so thankful and proud to know that people like you exist in my state. Unfortunately, I live closer to Cincinnati or I would come join the cause! I’ll be there to stand up for KY’s clinics when the time comes – and unfortunately, I think it will come sooner rather than later.

  6. I found your site about a month ago and I have to admit, I feel rather late to the party. I was born, raised and lived in Kentucky for the early part of my adult life. Although I no longer live there, I have many friends who do. I do believe those people outside the clinic have the right to have their say. They have the right to speak and protest. They do not have the right to clutter up the sidewalk, touch or follow people. They do not have the right to lie or make false promises to get them into their crisis pregnancy centers. The fact that clinic escorts are even needed, or that there are so many special laws for a legal medical procedure disturbs and disheartens me. I work in the medical field, have taught students about anatomy so I am quite familiar with stages of embryo/fetal development. An embryo is not a baby. A fetus is not an infant. A toddler is not a teenager. A 90 year-old man is not a teenager. I wish anti’s would learn that calling thing by the proper developmental name isn’t a sin, even if they think abortion is. Anyway, please keep up the good work that you do. ALL people should be in charge of their reproductive life. What anti’s do is make what is undoubtedly a hard, long-thought out day even harder on these women while you ease the extra burden put out by them. Thank you again and while I hope to never need abortion services, it is nice to know that is my right should I need it.

    • Hi, Ky Born,

      Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your perspective. I think that most people are not aware of the things that go on at the clinic on the sidewalk. I hope that increased awareness will lead to a change in the law, creating some safe space.

      Thanks again for the support.

  7. I just wanted you to know that it’s because of this blog that I decided to become an escort myself. A clinic local to me has recently developed a need for escorts, or greeters, outside their doors, and I am the first trained escort to volunteer there. I’m very proud, very determined, very passionate and angry and resolute. But the reason I was introduced to the world of clinic escorts is from this blog, and I thank you, so much, for motivating me to do this.

  8. I want you all to know that the work you do is very much appreciated. I almost killed my mom when she was pregnant with me and developed preeclampsia. I was viable though when things became to dangerous for her and labor was induced, but to this day I am grateful that she had the right to make the correct choice for her health and doctors to properly advise her. She could have developed eclampsia if she had had another pregnancy, so had she become pregnant again, abortion access would be why I was able to grow up with my mother. I’m at risk for preeclampsia/eclampsia, and if I have to do the walk to the clinic for any reason, I hope an individual as honest and kind as yourselves is there to meet me and walk down that long road by my side.

    • Thank you, Kat. We appreciate the kind words. I’m glad your mother was able to carry you, obviously ~ and that she had access to options that could prevent her from risking her life again!

      i hope that if you ever have to go through the walk to the clinic, that there are NO protesters there! But if there are, then yeah, i hope we’re there for you.

      Thank you.

  9. Hey! First of all I wanted to say you are doing an amazing job with your services and with operating the website! It is so nice to see constant updates and contributions. I had a quick question. I was wondering if the escorts are affiliated with the EMW or if the clinic sets out any guidelines that the escorts have to follow??



    • Thanks for the kind words, Angelique.

      The escorts aren’t affiliated with the clinic, and the guidelines we follow are the points of unity. I understand that in some places the clinic provides guidelines and training, but I don’t think it’s ever been like that here.

      Thanks for commenting!

  10. You are doing amazing work! Please don’t ever stop helping these people! I sent a email about some questions I have about how to help people here in Charlottesville, VA. Looking forward to hearing from you.


    • Thanks! We’ll look forward to hearing from you. Hopefully, we’ll have some helpful thoughts, right? In any case, thanks for the support!

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