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Please keep it up, the comments are great and the more we use this as a forum, the better off we are as escorts and defenders of our reproductive and sexual rights.

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  1. I went to EMW in May 2016, and I am forever grateful for the strength and support provided by the clinic escorts. I didn’t take my decision lightly, but if I had not had an abortion I would have brought a child into a life of poverty and instability. The protestors were horrible and insulting and they don’t seem to care about the circumstances of the woman going to the clinic. I have zero regrets for my decision, and I appreciate every single person who gives their time to protect the safety and freedom of any woman who makes the choice to go to EMW. Thank you

  2. I can’t express how grateful I am for your bravery in continuing to provide these critical services.Also I want to thank your amazing, courageous volunteers-they rock! Donating today and sending love and light to your staff and doctors and volunteers every day.

  3. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for being so kind and helpful on one of the hardest days of my life. Your support and understanding is appreciated beyond words. You all are amazing!

  4. Just read about your organization at The Daily Beast, and I had to say THANK YOU to all of you for the important work you’re doing. Stay strong and know that we’re with you!!

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you! I can’t put into words how grateful we were to have you all there. From the man who escorted us from the garage, easing our fears w/ gentle, polite chatting to the woman who literally seemed to come out of mid-air immediately getting in between an aggressive protestor and myself, I was honored to be in the presence of such commitment. Thank you a million times over, thank you.

  6. Just a note that Operation Save America used to be known as Operation Rescue. Scott Roeder, who assassinated Dr. George Tiller in 2009, was provided information by Operation Rescue on Tiller’s movements and whereabouts. Other members have bombed clinics in the past. Operation Save America is a terrorist organization IMO.

    • As being in charge of the escorts at Women’s Health Services (yes, I know that they no longer perform abortions) for eight years, it makes me very happy to see this blog. I remember the very cold winter mornings, and the hot humid summers as well. I now live in a very pro-choice state (California), but still try to keep in touch with the states that aren’t
      Steve Spero
      San Diego, Ca.

  7. I want to thank all of the escorts who get up early in the morning, spend their own money on gas or tarc fare to get to the clinic, and voluntarily inhabit this circus ring to assist complete strangers in getting the medical help they need.
    I appreciate that you all respect the decisions and opinions of others, and don’t ask for explanations or cast judgements.
    You are all very brave and kind, and you make me feel safer in the eye of the storm. I think you are all warriors of a modern era. Professionals capable of handling tough biznass. Heroes of the 502 and far, far beyond.

    Thank you.

    (Also your sidewalk bingo is really fucking funny. :3 )

  8. Visiting the clinic today, I was nervous. Not for the decision I had made. I was confident in that choice. I was stressed about what was waiting for me as I walked into the clinic. The young blonde woman who helped me from the parking lot into the clinic was an angel in my eyes. She made the difference for the entire day for me. I respect and love everyone volunteering their time to help women like myself. I don’t know your name. But thank you. It’s something I never will forget.

    • Thank you so much for the comment. I will make sure the escorts who were there yesterday see this. It’s nice to know our presence made a difference. Thank you!

  9. Recently someone who I’ve known my entire life (who is anti-choice) posted that she was very upset that one of her friends chose to have an abortion. I simply replied by saying “it’s her choice.” This was the response:

    ” you are cold hearted and numb to the evil you support. This is one of dearest friends and how dare you just say it’s her choice when you have no idea the pain and regret and shame she’ll have to live with forever!!!!! You know nothing except what your corrupt medical world has taught you and it makes me sick!!!!”

    All I want to say is thank you to all the wonderful escorts who put up with BS like this regularly. You are awesome.

  10. I was an escort in Louisville between 1989 and 1997 (when I moved to San Diego). I worked at EMW, and Women’s Health Services on lower Broadway, which no longer performs abortions. I am very happy to see that clinic escorting is still doing well in Louisville. It means a lot for the patients.

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  12. I am incredibly pleased to find that this blog exists.

    In light of everything going on in Texas, NC, and Wisconsin my experience in January 2012 is coming more to mind. I wish I could say that I was one of those people that agonized and worried about my decision to end a pregnancy. I feel that’s what is expected of people. However, I wasn’t and I didn’t. I had made the decision long before I ever found myself in a position to have to make it (I took for granted that it would ultimately be my choice no matter where I lived and so I made it as soon as I started being active. How lucky and misguided I was (am)). I hoped I’d never have to and I assumed I never would, but hey, an accident happened and I found myself having just moved for a new job leaving behind the father who had said he’d never want children (and I don’t either). Having just moved I wasn’t sure how I could afford it, but timing meant I had no choice but to make the appointment for a cold Saturday in January. I went alone (no one knew except my old roommate in NC). I preferred it that way, I think. I’m used to it at the very least. I was less thrilled about getting up before daylight and I was nervous I’d get lost (despite having lived in Louisville previously I have a terrible sense of direction). I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Because I arrived super early, I was really one of the few people in the parking lot. Of course, there were protesters. Wasn’t really expecting that then, that early, but hey, it happens, I guess.

    What I really remember, though, is the clinic escorts that greeted me, one in particular. I wanted to respond to the protestors. I wanted to, I really did, but I didn’t know what to say at that point. I didn’t feel anything, so what could I say? I knew logically that anything I said wouldn’t actually make a difference in their mind. Plus, I hadn’t had any coffee yet. I still somewhat regret not responding though, maybe this time someone (me) would get through to them. It wouldn’t even necessarily have been for myself. I was old enough to make the decision (long ago out of the teens). I knew I could do this on my own. I wanted to do it for the young girl that arrived when I did, with her mother and father. For her father who was too emotional to engage them logically, but tried to tell them to please leave them alone. For a moment I was afraid he’d punch someone. But, through it all, was this one clinic escort. And he stands out in my mind simply because I never for a moment thought there could be a short, white haired man, above the age of 50 who believed in my right to choose. Who would want to be up at a stupid early hour, in the cold, fending off protestors. Yet, there he was, a man that reminded me of an old college professor I had, talking to me as he walked me to the door and explained that the doors weren’t open yet, but that they would be soon and that he just didn’t understand how the protestors could behave the way they do. I can’t say that my experience inside was terribly memorable (the staff didn’t seem particularly personable, but I guess after so long you have to desensitize yourself), but that escort was so kind and calming. I thought I could do the whole thing alone, but I’m not sure I could have made it through that gauntlet of protestors had he not been there to shield me and quietly lead me to the door. He was perfect and I hope he is still there helping.

    So, in conclusion of this horribly long comment, I just want to say that I am happy that I found this blog and that I can attempt to thank that one man whose name I failed to get (and maybe he wouldn’t have given it) but will always remember.

    • Thanks so much for leaving this lovely (not “horribly long) comment!! I’ll make sure the escort you’re talking about sees it too.

      Comments like this keep us going. Thank you.

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  14. I am slowly reading through your blog. It is very interesting to see the differences in the various places I read about escorts. We have been very fortunate at our clinic in shutting down the antis a great deal. While we don’t have a buffer zone, the police have helped us by making certain spaces off limits because of traffic “safety” issues. Our clinic is entered by going down a narrow driveway to the back of the clinic where there are only approximately 8 parking spaces. Before we started escorting the antis would follow the patients down the driveway. Also, because of the lack of parking patients had to find a place to park and then walk the gauntlet. The antis at our clinic have a permit on the sidewalk in front of the building, across the street, and on the sidewalk next door to the clinic where there is a facility much like the Ronald McDonald House. This is so disrespectful of the persons staying there but they dont’ care. The police also marked places on the sidewalk approximately 3 or 4 feet away from the driveway so they can’t approach the cars. We also are fortunate in that we have space on the clinic property and there is a police officer there two days of the week. We also have implemented a policy where the patient can drive into the driveway and escorts will valet park their cars after the patient has gotten out, or if they don’t want us to park for them, we offer to ride with them to park their vehicles and then escort them past the antis. This has been very, very effective and the antis really, really hate it. We constantly take photos and videos and also have the experience of them taking our picture while we take theirs and vice versa. We have a court case coming up soon where one of their persons sprayed several of our escorts in the face with what she called “holy water.” You may have seen videos of it. If we had not had videos of it we would not have had a chance of having her charged. We had ignored many offenses committed by the antis but this one went too far. They have calmed down a good bit since she was arrested and no longer use the nasty photos which is a relief. It will be interesting to see if they come back after the trial.

    Thank you so much for the information and stories you post and thank you for doing what you do.

    • Hi Josie, I really feel happy about the positive work you and the other escorts are doing. It sounds like you have worked with the police and together have made big improvements for the clients.

      Sharing what has worked at your clinic gives us all hope that things can get better at all the clinics. Thank you!

  15. I am so glad that this website is available for women to share ideas about abortion. In 1966, when I was 20 years old, I became pregnant due to a failure in contraception. I lived in one of the New England states which had “Blue Laws” regarding contraceptive care. Physicians were prohibited from prescribing contraceptives and performing abortions for non-married women. I discovered a physician who was willing to care for me despite regulations. As it turned out, I miscarried before my physician appointment. I don’t think any woman should have to suffer that kind of anxiety. Freedom of choice regarding availability for abortion care is a key part of women’s health care as well as a central component in family planning and economic security.

  16. I would like to let the escorts know how very much I appreciate all that they do. Had they not been there, one very special lady in particular, I probably would have turned and ran. Those protesters were so vicious and insensitive. They do not care that I was in a hellish situation to begin with- all they care about is casting stones and shouting their Hell and Brimstone messages to further traumatize me. Their words hurt me so bad that I’ll probably have nightmares from that alone. One very special lady (short, 40’s maybe reddish hair, loving eyes) came all the way to the van to get me and walk with me, with her arm around me, and reassure me that this was my choice. Her eyes were so loving; I knew she cared. She kept me strong. If not for the safety net and support of the escorts, I have to wonder how many women would turn and run away and abandon her right to make the decision she thinks is best? Thank you to all who stood out in the cold to shelter and protect me. I wish I could have seen the special lady one more time to hug her and tell her how much just her human touch meant during an emotionally excruciating time.

    • By the way, I was the one who cried all the way up the sidewalk this morning. Today’s events, though I am at the relieved and emotionally numb point, are spinning through my head making it impossible to sleep. Your blog is amazing. I wish I would have screamed back “Ye without sin……” Thank you for all you do and endure for us.

      • Thank you so much for the kind words, lost one.

        That escort could have been me, or it could have been someone else, but comments like yours really help us all remember why we escort. Thank you for putting your thoughts into words here.

        What you say about the protesters is so on target, and they don’t know you, or your situation, but even if they did, they would still say the things they say. Making that walk up the sidewalk sure can be traumatizing. I’m not surprised you can’t sleep tonight, they want to shame you, and it will take you a while to process the experience. I hope you’re able to push back on their effect, and recover well. And i hope that you seek out support if that becomes a longer term issue. That was a difficult thing to go through.

        Thanks for the kind words about the blog too! We really appreciate it. Take care of yourself…

  17. As someone who is reading this blog from Europe I can’t believe the crap you have to put up with, and I mean that literally. My mind boggles, and it is only thanks to videos and descriptions of your mornings that I can begin to form a mental picture of what people need to go through to get an abortion over there.
    I just wanted to wish you all the strength to continue the fight for proper healthcare access.

  18. I’m a new reader and have been absolutely blown away by the bravery and self-sacrifice on display in every post. Thank you for your work. Really, you are the kind of heroes that make me question whether I could do what you do. And this is coming from someone who’s been a legal observer many times.

    Good show.

  19. Good Afternoon,

    After some recent research I have discovered that Angela, and her husband Purnell had two abortions when they were younger. And her comments about “God, if this was my child I would not abort it” are complete lies, because “God it was her child and she did abort it. Twice.”

    I really dislike her very much. And now, after finding out what a hypocrite she is, I am disgusted and would actually be more than happy to slap her mouth off. She is more than aloud to changer her stance on a subject, however there are so many other ways to be of help rather than hindrance.
    So, while you all are doing wonderful work assisting women and their support through the trenches of hell, remind Angela that she is a hypocrite for me.

  20. Question. Isn’t identifying yourself as a radical queer derogatory in itself? Can I refer to you as such? I’m not trying to instigate problems, but it seems a bit paradoxical to request to not “tolerate derogatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality or any other defining factor” and identify yourself in a way that would make a lot of people cringe. In case anyone was wondering, i’m an Extreme size-queen. i’m proud of that. btw, really interesting blog here. i’m a male, so i have no real opinion on abortion b/c i will surely never have one. i’ll leave with this…. what’s the difference between aborting days before the birth is due and killing a baby minutes after he/she has been birthed? serious questions i raise here, not trolling…..

    • I identify as a queer person. I also identify as a radical, ie. anti-authoritarian. I see neither as an insult. If you need more information than that please start with a little queer theory 101.

      We are not here to debate the ins and outs of abortion. I will say however there are a lot of myths surrounding second and third trimester abortions.
      If you are interested in factual information about these procedures, please Read Jodi Jacobson’s Late-Term Abortions: Facts, Stories and Ways to Help.

      • And to be clear the escorts are a large group of volunteers with lots of gender and sexual presentations. By no means do all of us identify as queer either, we have people that identify as straight, bi, gay, lesbian. We have multiple gender presentations through out our escorts, and celebrate them all.

  21. Hello,
    So, I am curious.
    You have listed here some of the better known protestors, but what of the escorts?
    You only ever seem to address them simply as such.

    Btw, this is a very interesting, and useful blog. I’m glad that you’ve taken the time to create, and continually update, it.

  22. I would also love to get involved. Escorting or otherwise if there is something I can help with please contact me.

  23. I’m also interested in escort training. I’ve tried contacting RCRC before but my email got sent back. I can be contacted via the email I left in my comment. Thanks for all you do!

    • I have added your email to the list. thanks for your interest. we should be having another training sometime in the fall. please feel free to come down to the clinic any saturday morning between now and then.

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