Sidewalk Snippet ~ {10/28/13}

The doors weren’t open yet when escorts by the door were approached by a man coming from AWC. We hadn’t seen him on the sidewalk before, but he was very polite and said, “I work for AWC and I just wanted to know about you escorts. Why are you here?”

My response was, “I do not talk to protesters. If you want to find out about escorts ask D or read our blog at We explain why we are here there.” “But I am not protesting, I just want to understand.” I pointed out D and repeated my statement about the blog.

He did wander over and talk to D for a few minutes. Then he approached an escort further down the sidewalk who hadn’t heard the exchange between us. We watched a minute while he was talking to the escort, then I approached them.

“This gentleman works for AWC and is trying to find out why we are here. I have directed him to our blog.”

The escort responded, “I suspected as much, but he didn’t tell me he was with AWC.” The conversation between them after that was very short.

Misrepresenting himself to an escort isn’t the end of the world, but it is indicative of a particular mindset that the antis learn very fast to just lie to get what they want.


We are standing up for reproductive rights on November 2. That’s this Saturday! Are you coming with us?

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Sidewalk Snippet ~ {10/21/13}

We frequently see clients and companions respond to the words spoken by the antis. Sometimes they respond with politeness to the questions the antis ask them. Sometimes they respond with their own biblical quotes to counter what the anti is saying. Sometimes they respond with well-thought out responses for the questions the antis bring up. Sometimes they respond with emotional pleas to just listen to them. Sometimes they respond with anger. Sometimes they respond with tears. Sometimes they respond with sarcasm. Frequently, it is a combination of several of these approaches.

One morning we had a client who responded with all of these approaches. The client had been to the clinic earlier in the week and heard all of the things the antis normally say. D particularly gave them a hard time. This time they had thought about their responses and were ready and eager to confront the antis, especially D.

The client and their companions arrived about 30 minutes before the doors of the clinic opened. They went immediately to the door because the client wanted to talk to D. The next 30 minutes in front of the clinic were confrontational, chaotic, sad and upsetting. Some of the words and actions of the client were purposely shocking even to escorts. After all, she had a couple of days to think about what they had said to her before. The client’s words and actions served the purpose of causing all but one anti to back away from her and leave her alone. D retreated early, but was still talking about it to other antis 3 days afterwards.

Two things stand out in my mind from the morning.

One was the client’s response to, “Have you considered adoption?” The reply was, “What? Do you want me to spend the rest of my life asking every child I pass on the street, “Are you my baby? Are you?” I don’t think so.”

The other thing that stands out was the waves of hurt and anger in equal parts coming from the client. She was vocal about being angry and hurt for being judged and shamed by the antis without knowing her or her story.

An escort spoke to her after she went into the clinic to make sure she was okay. She was pleased she was able to speak up for herself, but was still upset the antis even thought they had a right to question her and her decision, let alone film her as she waited by the door. The escort explained the policy of public sidewalks and filming, but it still isn’t right to invade her privacy so completely.

I’ll be thinking about this client for a long time.


We are standing up for reproductive rights on November 2. Are you coming with us? Can you contribute $5 or more to help make it happen?

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Sidewalk Snippet ~ {10/14/13}~by KYCat

It had been a fairly quiet weekday morning. There was the usual quietly hissed insults to the various escorts that morning from the regular antis, but no episodes of loud screaming and chasing of clients; just the trailing, waving pamphlets and pleading.

I was standing on the corner about three minutes after eight; chatting with two of the other escorts; catching up on plans for the upcoming rally on November 2nd.

Further down the sidewalk I spotted a confident yet concerned woman heading towards us. She had two companions following her lead as she strode up to us.

“Can I ask you a question” she directed at me. “Sure,” I replied, hoping it was not going to be something that I did not know, like where the nearest good coffeehouse was or any of the other things I have been asked while standing around looking official in my orange vest.

She said, “I have been told that the ultrasound costs 300 dollars and that I could get a free one here.” pointing to the CPC on the corner. She held tightly to her purse and the tension in her voice and hands were obvious when she said, “I only have enough money for the procedure. I don’t have an extra 300 dollars.”

I quickly realized that she had spoken with someone at the CPC. Fearing that she did not have sufficient funds for the total procedure, she wanted to get further confirmation before turning the corner and drawing the attention of the antis still gathered at the door of the clinic.

“No,” I replied. “The ultrasound is included in the cost of the procedure at the clinic.” I added that even if she thought she could save some of the cost by getting a free one, the CPC was not a medical facility and it would not be accepted by EMW if she did decide to go through with the abortion.

It is a deceptive scare tactic, I explained. They know that you have had to make many arrangements to get here today; sometimes at great expense and time traveled for patients. They have been known to delay women so long that mistakenly go there first, they miss the check-in time for their scheduled appointment. This puts yet another burden on the clients once they realize they have been deceived as they have to reschedule and take yet more time and expense to obtain their abortion.

She looked at us and a huge smile broke out across her face and she let out a big sigh. “Then I dò have enough money.  I was worried that I would not be able to have this today. They lied.”

I asked if she would like us to walk with them. “Yes.” she replied and took the lead with a renewed  purpose in her stride, seemingly knowing that anything further spoken to her by the antis would just be more of the same.

It was a good way to end the morning. Walking with a client that made the decision that was best for her with plain old facts; no guilt, no shame, no personal questions. Just factual answers to her questions.

I am beginning to think some of these antis must be avid fishermen on the days they don’t come to the sidewalk to harass clients. They sure do tell some big fish tales.


We are standing up for reproductive rights on November 2. Are you coming with us? Can you contribute $5 or more to help make it happen?

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Sidewalk Snippet ~ {10/7/13}

There has been an anti coming out for a couple of months now. She rarely says anything and stays beside D the whole time she is out. We started to call her Trainee because she seems to be learning from D how to harass clients and their companions. One day recently, she found her voice.

The sentences below were said and then there was a pause before another sentence was said. She is close to D’s messages, but seems to need just a little more training to perfectly mimic D. I’m sure with practice with talking at strangers, these statements will smooth out and she will sound like every other anti on the sidewalk.

“No one deserves to die without a say.”

“This is a very, very serious thing.”

“”This is a gruesome, gruesome thing.”

“They purposely won’t show you the ultrasound.”

“Go to YouTube and look up former abortion providers. Read their stories.”

“You can use Google to find out about women who regret their abortion. Read about it.”

“You have choice here. It’s not locked in stone. At least that’s what they say.”

Until she is fully trained, she provides a relief to us from listening to the same things said in the same way by every anti.


We are standing up for reproductive rights on November 2. Are you coming with us? Can you contribute $5 or more to help make it happen?
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Sidewalk Snippet ~ {9/30/13}

M decided to move her center of operations to a new area this morning. M has been hanging out on the corner of 1st and Market, but this day she decided to hang out behind the AWC parking lot. She was her usual aggressive self, but had a longer walk to harass clients and companions from this position.

Shoving a client as they crossed the property line, she ended up pushed up against me at the line. The plastic fetus doll she was holding was about two inches from my face; right under my nose. When the client was ignoring her after they crossed the property line, M turned her attention to me as I asked her to stop pushing on me.

“This is a baby. How can you help her murder her baby? See this? It’s a baby.” I replied, “No, it’s a plastic doll.” Of course, she got angry and told me it was a lifelike model of a 12 week baby. I replied, “No, it’s a plastic doll. Please get it out of my face.”

Another escort asked her about the Pope’s statement that there was too much emphasis on abortion in the Catholic Church, with the suggestion she should go home and think about what the Pope said. She got angrier and asked the escort for proof the Pope actually said to stop before she rushed off to harass another client.

Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves from saying something.

Sidewalk Snippet ~ {9/23/13}

Some mornings lots of little things add up to lighten the mood of escorts. It does help that we all have a sense of humor, but some days are just hit after hit of comedic gold.

This is a series of statements and happenings one  morning:

D pulled another anti back onto the sidewalk after they had crossed the property line saying, ”I saw the smoke coming off of your shoe.”

“Does she thinks she can say anything she wants over the internet? You can’t lie on the internet.”

“Even satan believes in god.”

A pedestrian walking by the entrance to the clinic pointed at each escort standing there. His pointed finger was accompanied by, “You are going to hell,” “You are going to hell,” “You are going to hell.” It was kind of like Oprah saying, “You win a new car,” but less exciting.

The number one mood lightener came from a companion. As the client and companion were coming towards the door, the companion started talking to the antis and let himself be surrounded by them. While the antis were distracted the client was able to cross the property line with minimum interference.

We could hear him saying: “I don’t know what it is, but when she reached adulthood she started wanting to make her own choices. I don’t agree with her making choices, but she says I have to respect her. It’s like that free speech stuff, you have to listen to it even if you don’t want to.”

The client and others waiting by the doors were laughing at all of the things he was saying and the escorts couldn’t help smiling. He got his point across with perfect deadpan delivery and without ever raising his voice.

Sidewalk Snippet ~ {9/16/13}

When I pulled up to park in front of the clinic, D was already out of her car talking to a woman on the sidewalk. They were both standing in front of the clinic talking and playing with a baby in a stroller.

I watched them for about 5 minutes before it was time to get out of my car to greet a client. Like that was a signal to get serious, D told the woman goodbye and the woman left with the baby and stroller.

Later in the morning, D was telling NB about her early morning visitor. Of course, this was told within hearing of the escorts standing by the door. No story goes as well as those with a larger audience.

D:  “I had a visit from a saved baby this morning. It was 6 months old and so cute. It was talking constantly. Of course, it wasn’t saying words but just making sounds.”

NB: “I’m glad we are out here.”

Of all of the things going through my mind at the time, “I’m glad you are out here too,” wasn’t one of them.

I’m sure it was just an oversight on D’s part she didn’t talk about the mother. It must have been an oversight on NB’s part she didn’t ask about the mother either.

Sack-of-Potatoes Doctrine ~ by Lepus

“Take your woman out of there”

 “Men, convince her to leave this place”

“As men we are to stand up for women and be leaders”

I’ve noticed that antis always go after the men, particularly trying to wound and prick them in the “masculinity” department.  You know, that department where historically women could do nothing without express permission from either her father or her husband.  Women couldn’t own property or inherit property because they were considered property by society at large.

Times have changed for the better, but it doesn’t surprise me that those that see the world through Christian Patriarchal lenses say these things to men as they enter the clinic.

It also doesn’t surprise me that it rarely. if ever, works.  As if women have no mind of their own.  As if women are sacks of potatoes that can be thrown over one’s shoulder and carried off.  As if women are so easily influenced.

An anti spoke to myself and a male escort the other day.  The male escort informed me that the anti told him he was leading me in the wrong direction. Because all women need tending and leadership, because they are submissive and sinful by their very nature (again, this is the Christian Patriarchal worldview talking).

I chuckled.  Why, I got myself out of bed and drove myself to the clinic to escort that very day.  Imagine.  A woman, making a decision for herself, and acting upon it, unlike the sack-of-potatoes that the antis think women are.

Sidewalk Snippet ~ {9/9/13}

“Mary, Mary, quite contrary…..” This nursery rhyme goes through my head frequently on Saturdays when I escort.

Another escort was walking with a client from the parking lot towards the door. M was pushed up against the client, talking the whole way as they approached. I attempted to place myself between M and the client when an opportunity arose.

M pushed her whole body against me, laid her arm across my chest and pushed hard. While she was doing this she was repeating words she has heard escorts say. “Give her some space. She needs her personal space. You are bothering her. Respect her space.”

My response was, “You are pushing her. She was talking to you.” M of course said, “No, she was talking to you. Give her some space.”I looked at the other escort and then the client. We all three chuckled and I moved to the side a little bit. Getting into a shoving match or verbal contest of ‘You did!’ ‘No, you did!’ wasn’t going to help maintain calm on the sidewalk.

The nursery rhyme still played in my head, but with different words than the traditional words of “How does your garden grow?”

It’s A Matter of Trust ~ by Lepus

Escorting the corner on Market gives me a pretty good view of A Woman’s Choice parking lot.  I am slowly learning the difference between “anti cars” and “client cars”, although I always default on the side of if I’m not sure, I’m going to check it out.

Today, I saw a car pull into the parking lot and I walked towards it because I wasn’t sure.  There were two AWC workers standing in the parking lot with pamphlets (one of them was the AWC director).  T (the second AWC worker) said to me “You don’t have to talk to this one, she works here.”  When I didn’t walk back to the corner (I had the gall to want to see for myself), the AWC director turned to T and said “It’s a trust issue”

Well, of course it is a trust issue.  The existence of your building and its very name is supposed to trick people into thinking that AWC is something it isn’t.  You lie about how long the “free ultrasounds” will take.  You mislead and stretch and guess as to what a client is going through and try to manipulate them to your way of thinking.  You shame and guilt clients that have the misfortune of going into your doors, when they have done nothing wrong other than to live their lives in ways that you don’t approve.

You minimize a client’s life experience and cut and paste it into your own worldview of how they should live. I can’t believe anyone would trust ANYTHING you say.  I certainly would never, for my own safety and wellbeing, trust you.  So yes, it is indeed “A trust issue”.