Abortion is not a dirty word

As an escort, I want to make a clear statement in support of the rights of all people to Choose when, if and how many children we have.

If you have ever had a pregnancy scare, thought about having an abortion, supported someone through an abortion, chosen to give birth to a child, or had an abortion or abortions, I support you and encourage you to feel secure in ANY decisions you have made.

Abortion is not a dirty word.

40% of female bodied people in the U.S. will have an abortion in their life time.

People of all ages, racial and ethnic groups, people of all socio-economic status, mothers (61% of women having an abortion have one or more children) and people with no children, single and partnered people, queer and straight people all have abortions. If all of these female bodied people are having abortions, why is it so stigmatized? Humans are faced with tough decisions every day, but few are scrutinized more than when a woman decides for any number of reasons, that now is not the time to have a child.

I contend that making the decision to have an abortion can be health and responsible.

We are the ones who must decide whether or not we have the economic, emotional and social resources to have and raise a child. When these factors are not conducive to procreation, an abortion offers an alternative route to unwanted motherhood. I embrace this notion of individual control over the course of our lives.

We all experience pregnancy on a vast continuum of joy and despair.

This is where Choice is necessary. In the end, I honor and respect the breadth of experiences in people’s reproductive lives, including the normalcy of abortion. This private decision is about defining family and our own existence in the world, and as women we should never feel guilty about our choices.


This piece was originally written as a response to the Genocide Awareness Project coming to the University of Louisville. Myself and the other organizer of the Feminist Alliance of the University of Louisville wrote and distributed it as a flier, handing out hundreds of copies over the course of the 2 days they were on campus.

So thanks W. for all your ass kicking work and for being such a fabulous person.

12 thoughts on “Abortion is not a dirty word

  1. I applaud your strong will for being able to stand up and mention that sometimes getting an abortion is an alternative that can turn out to be a healthy and responsible choice. My friend is having some issues at the moment whether to keep or abort their baby since they are afraid that they are not yet ready to become responsible parents. I’ll be sure to support her in whatever decision she will make. Thanks.

  2. Christians are now strongly anti abortion mostly because that fetus is a potential adoptee! They do not care that the mother’s life will be ruined knowing she gave her baby to strangers. White babies are hard to come by so they dare not let young helpless girls get abortions. And then they go on and on about God’s plan building a family thru adoption.

  3. I do agree with all of the ideas you have presented in your post. They are really convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are very short for starters. May just you please lengthen them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

    • Thank you for your comment. “Abortion is not a dirty word” is actually one of our general information pages. They are normally shorter in length and give an overview. Some of our posts are longer and actually some are shorter. It depends on the author and subject matter. Please visit our home page to see our current month articles. There is a drop down menu to access previously posted articles.


  4. I, too, agree that couples should be able to decide when they are ready to have a child. However, I do not believe that abortion falls into the same category as, say, Natural Family Planning, for the simple reason that, while NFP prevents the creation of a human life, abortion destroys a pre-existing human life. Abortion is not deciding not to have offspring; abortion is deciding to destroy the offspring one already has. To compare abortion to birth control or NFP is to deny the nature of abortion, to mis-represent that which it actually is. Hence, I disagree with this piece. I agree with the author’s goodwill and appreciate their concern. However, I disagree with their solution to the problem of planning a family.

    Suffering is Relative

    • Suffering is relative,

      I think your moniker is the whole point. Yes, suffering is relative, and you or I can not know how burdensome an ill timed pregnancy can be for any single individual. You may not believe that abortion is an appropriate solution in your life, which is a valid statement. However, you have no idea what someone’s life is like, why they are making particular decisions or what kinds of circumstances exist for them. I am sure you would balk at any attempt to force/ coerce you to use a specific type of birth control, or have an abortion or carry a pregnancy to term that my harm you in some way. The point again is that every woman should be making the decisions regarding family planning. Not you, or I or the government or anyone else. Individual people making the best decisions they can with and for their families.

  5. Hey there,

    I’m just wondering where the 40% statistic comes from. I’m rabidly pro-choice, so I’m not trying to start an argument here, but I’d like to have a source so I can confidently quote the above figure. Thanks.

    • The Guttmacher Institute is a research institute studying reproductive rights issues. They are widely viewed as one of the most reliable sources for data regarding all aspects of reproductive health here and internationally. Here is an overview of demographics.

  6. Something to consider in light of all the religispeak at these protests–a pagan view of abortion:


    Also wanted to comment that i read about women in ny who created t-shirts that said ‘ask me about my abortion’ in an effort to destigmatize it–i think i want one, cause that would be cool to talk about it openly and without fear.

    thanks for all the work. when i get my nerve up, i’ll see you on a saturday morning!

  7. Thank you thank you thank you! This is my favorite part of the blog. Can we finally please start to talk about this topic openly and honestly? It is complex enough without adding erroneous shame and guilt. Let’s strip away the shame and talk about this!

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