Week seven of no escorts.

Chalk art done with clinic permission by other supporters. “Abortion is essential healthcare.”

Week seven of escorts’ absence from the sidewalk proceeded not much differently than the first six. Antis continue to gather, without masks, getting far too close to one another and to clients and companions and to security. Calls from the community to report this behavior go as ignored as clients’ and companions’ pleas to the antis to please stay away from them.
Tuesday 5/19: 16 antis total
Wednesday 5/20: 12 antis total

Thursday, 5/21: 20 antis total

Friday, 5/22: 16 antis total

A man sits in a chair he has placed beneath the clinic’s awning, in the center of the entrance.

Saturday, 5/23: 38 antis total

It is frustrating for clinic escorts watching from cars as the situation escalates. Our training is to deescalate. While we cannot control the actions of any individuals, the presence of people devoted to calm and safety does make a difference. We are keenly aware that our absence is felt. As restrictions are lifted in Kentucky, we are beginning discussions about what our return to the sidewalk might look like. We will publicly announce those plans when the time comes. For now, we will continue to document and provide updates to the best of our ability.
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About wench

Wench is based in Louisville KY. What started as a Selfcare Health Education Collective in 2005 has bloomed and flourished and exploded and re-rooted and bloomed again and again. We now wench (verb) all over the US and beyond. Many are still in KY fighting for abortion access, repro and racial justice, and bodily autonomy for all.

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