Covid-19 Announcement from LCE

Louisville’s Clinic Escorts have always been client focused. For that reason, we are halting our presence on the sidewalk effective immediately.

We have made every effort to comply with best practices to reduce the spread of Covid-19 as they have evolved. First, we halted our shuttling service. Then, we spaced escorts farther apart, wore masks while escorting, and encouraged escorts to move away from antis invading physical space. This is no longer sufficient.

Going forward, four volunteers per day will be stationed in their separate vehicles to monitor antis’ behavior toward patients accessing care, social distancing, and various violations of the law. They will record and report issues as necessary to the clinic.

As this public health crisis has progressed, we have witnessed innumerable instances of antis not only failing to observe social distancing and other best practices, but actively deriding those who do so. Our presence and example has not impacted this trend. It is our hope that by stepping back from the sidewalk, we expose patients to fewer people while also making it easier for public officials to end congregating outside of the clinic altogether. With public gatherings being prevented elsewhere in the city, there is no reason for this not to happen. Abortion remains essential healthcare, as it cannot be readily rescheduled, and the last thing we want is Kentuckians traveling to neighboring states to access care. We can make it safer by clearing the sidewalk entirely.

To antis if you are reading this: please stay home. Anyone can be asymptomatic but contagious. Pray from home. Call your representatives. If you still come to the clinic, wear masks and do not get closer than six feet to one another or patients and their companions. Please, help Kentucky flatten the curve. We will still be watching.

2 thoughts on “Covid-19 Announcement from LCE

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  2. Wow! I never dreamed it would come to this. But I respect the judgement of our escorts and am supportive of your decision. If I can be of assistance from the safety of my car, I am willing and able. Thank for looking out for the safety of our escorts and for the clients accessing their scheduled doctor’s appointment. Sending hugs, as cannot deliver them in person.

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