A Safety Zone in a time of Social Distancing by nightofthelepus

Currently, things are “not great”.  Covid19 is here and most of us are trying to get through the days, keep our families safe, and just…live.   A big part of the whole “living” thing these days has been social distancing.  According to The Cleveland Clinic  staying “6 feet apart when possible” is the guideline which we are attempting, as humans getting through this, to accomplish.

This….doesn’t happen at EMW.

Antis, be it based on a “sincerely held belief system or something else” (ahem *bullying* ahem) will not go along with the concept of social distancing as is suggested by, well, everyone.  They never have.  They invade the person space of clients and escorts.  The antis will stand directly in front of an escorts face (we have been turning our backs to them, but who knows if this is effective).  Antis push and block clients and escorts trying to access the clinic property.

The concept of personal space has always been lost on antis, but now when it is SO important that it be recognized and followed, their stubbornness and refusal to accept societal norms of safety are harmful and malicious.

Thankfully, there is a relief in site.  And it is a relief that will still allow patients and escorts to hear the screaming and the loud speaker.  It will still allow patients and escorts to see the signs of bloody fetus’s that line the sidewalk.  It will continue to allow ALL of these free speech things to happen on a public sidewalk, there will simply be….some social distancing in the form of a Safety Zone.

The Louisville Safety Zone has been in the works since March 2016 (a year before OSA blocked the doors of EMW and a federal judge instituted a temporary buffer zone) The temporary buffer zone made in July 2017 gave a 10 foot rounded zone between the entrance of the clinic and where the protesters gather.  Ten feet is basically between the drop off zone and the door.  Ten feet is normal and, according to health experts at this time, necessary.

So support The Louisville Safety Zone.  Now more than ever clients need that space to access healthcare safely and without these “pro-life” protesters risking the lives of everyone around them with their closeness, blocking, and touching.

(apologies to Gabriel Garcia Marquez).

1 thought on “A Safety Zone in a time of Social Distancing by nightofthelepus

  1. I just popped this into the Frsnkfort State-Journal, I wonder if they’ll publish it?

    “Abortion and Wuhan

    “Our Attorney-General has called for our acting Health and Family Services Secretary to certify that abortions are elective surgeries, and therefore to be prohibited by our General during the Wuhan pandemic.

    “In this our General seems to copy similar proceedings in the States of Ohio, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Texas, associated with State anti-abortion groups, with considerable interstate funding.

    “To call an abortion ‘elective’ demeans the choice and omits the press of time involved.

    “And this whole business gives an appearance of an interstate conspiracy to abuse power and exploit an epidemic in order to fraudulently prohibit abortion and harass women at such a time.

    “Nothing so reveals both the worker and the end as the means.”

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