Sidewalk Snippet – Donuts

As clinics and states make the news for extreme restrictions and lack of access to abortion, more people across the country are taking notice.

For escorts a simple thank you, or a kind gesture, goes a long way in diluting the hate that gets spewed our way everyday when we guide and allow individuals to be empowered as they make their healthcare decisions at Kentucky’s only remaining abortion clinic.

This morning was a pleasant surprise as escorts arrived to fresh donuts provided by a reproductive justice activist and Every Saturday Morning blog reader from New Mexico.

But as always, you never know what’s going to set off antis into a tirade. This morning it was body shaming escorts and those eating donuts.

It seems their entire purpose is to ridicule and shame individuals in the name of their religion for personal decisions they make, whether it be donuts or abortion.

Sometimes you just shake your head and wonder how anybody has that much hatred. Unfortunately, that’s just a Tuesday on the sidewalk in Louisville Kentucky.

1 thought on “Sidewalk Snippet – Donuts

  1. I am from the UK and happened to come across a video online of hatred-filled antis, harassing a lady being guided by yourselves to the clinic wearing a coat over her head. There aren’t words to express my absolute disgust in these individuals and from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for empowering the ladies that you support during such a dark and difficult time in their lives. You are a beautiful light that will not be extinguished by toxic waste.

    Stay safe ❤

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