Sidewalk Snippet – Overheard

“Every Tuesday morning” they hissed quietly at the friend walking with them.

“That one right there,” they gestured pointing up the sidewalk.

I turned to see who they were talking about as they walked past.

“Same thing every week, assuming I am going to the clinic. I’m just trying to get to work, I don’t think he’s ever looked at my face.”

As the conversation trailed off I watched as they continued down to the crosswalk.

Sure enough, the preacher with the loudspeaker gets in front of them yet again.

Because he does not see them as a person. Only an individual capable of pregnancy.

1 thought on “Sidewalk Snippet – Overheard

  1. A neighbor works a block or two away from the clinic. This neighbor often used the bus to commute, since the work hours are pretty regular and it sure is a lot cheaper than using a car.

    My neighbor has to ride an extra couple blocks and backtrack to avoid dealing with the harASSment of anti-choice morons that think “Oh, this woman is heading for the clinic,” just because the route from the bus stop to the office goes by the clinic front door otherwise.

    They really don’t care about women, only “human brood mares.”

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