Doctor, Patient……and Politician

Once again, our socially conservative state and local government are testing to see what sticks to the wall regarding how patients and doctors interact and how reproductive medical care is delivered in the state of Kentucky.

Currently Kentucky is in the midst of yet another attempt by politicians to legislate how doctors talk to their patients.
According to Guttmacher (, in Kentucky, people wanting to obtain an abortion are given counseling as well as offered materials about abortion. People are given specific descriptions of the procedure as well as the gestational age of the fetus. Doctors currently use an ultrasound to determine these facts.
Politicans say that this is not enough information for a patient, and that they want to force doctors to show the patient the ultrasound (they can close their eyes if they don’t want to see it) and force a patient to listen to the heartbeat of the fetus (they can close their ears with their fingers if they don’t want to hear it.) And yes, that is written into the language of the bill (Link Here
Not only does this insert a politician into the relationship between a doctor and a patient, it is also the worst kind of paternalism. Patients know what they are doing when they access abortion care. Doctors currently make them aware of the details of the procedure and aftercare, and they still want the procedure. The purpose of this bill is to shame the patients about their own medical choices and force doctors to do non-medically necessary procedures on a patient.
In an attempt to bolster this bill, three Louisville City Councilpersons have put forth a resolution that Louisville Metro Council will support HB 103 with a rubber stamp. So not only do they want to include the Kentucky State Legislature in a doctor/patient relationship, they want to include Louisville Metro Council in it as well. The Louisville Metro Council is going to be voting on this rubber stamp February 15, 2018.
This bill is wholly inappropriate and under-minds patients and medically trained professions that as a baseline want their patients informed and confident. This bill does nothing to that end.
Please call your Louisville Metro Council Person and voice your opinion on this resolution

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