Sidewalk Snippet 12/07/17

Typically, I would avoid writing about the rare incidents which involve violating the Louisville Clinic Escorts’ Points of Unity. Maintaining non-engagement is important to our mission of assisting patients seeking healthcare, but I violated that this morning. I seldom break our strict non-engagement policy, but today I was just pushed too far and had to say something to our antis. Our non-engagement policy exists for very good reasons. Our antis want to escalate situations in order to prove that escorts are violent, loud, and evil. Non-engagement de-escalates the situation on the sidewalk, making a calmer environment for patients.

Near the conclusion of our escorting shift this morning, a homeless man walked up to the clinic in order to ask our antis for any money they could spare. I was standing on clinic property about 10 feet away when one of our antis pointed to me and said I was the guy the homeless man needed to speak to. The homeless man approached me and I told him I was sorry but that I didn’t have any money on me. He looked confused and walked back to the antis. The anti once again pointed him to me and I repeated that I did not have any money.

Watching our antis make a sick sport of some of our city’s most vulnerable citizens was too much for me to tolerate. I walked up to this and anti calmly stated that the way they treat homeless people is excessively cruel. This anti said something attempting to rebuff me (I can’t remember his exact words…I was too furious to concentrate). I repeated that they’re excessively cruel, then I walked back to my spot on the property line.

The homeless man once again asked for money from the antis and he was directed to me again. This time, he was angry and confused. He yelled at me that he had a black belt in karate and that he would kick my ass. He then walked away. As I left the sidewalk this morning, this anti yelled after me “Bring some money next time!” I turned to reply but thought better of it and continued walking to my car.

Since I began escorting, I’ve been screamed at, called names, and suffered multiple assaults, but I’m typically able to maintain our non-engagement policy. The main anti in this story is one of the elderly Catholics who protests multiple times a week. He likes to think of himself as my bully. He questions my manhood and has called me “Rocket Man,” a reference to Trump’s insult of Kim Jong Un and a reference to my mixed-race parentage. Those I can weather, but I just couldn’t let his cruelty slide this morning. Do not let the “sweet grandfather/mother” appearance of the elderly antis fool you. We’ve written before about our antis using homeless people as proxies to verbally or physically assault escorts. This morning was just the latest example.


3 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet 12/07/17

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  2. This makes me so angry. I am glad you said something – it sounds like it was focused and purposeful. It’s really upsetting to see them do things like this.

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