Sidewalk Snippet, 8/19/2017

On a typical Saturday the sidewalk coming from 1st Street to the clinic is lined on either side by Catholic antis. They mostly pray, standing and periodically kneeling, though the occasional “plea” will be shouted at clients. The gauntlet looks like this:


As 8:30 approaches, they begin the process of dispersing. The gauntlet breaks up. Catholic antis mill about, say their hellos and catch up with one another, exchange various items. For about five minutes, the sidewalk looks like this:


Clients are generally done arriving by this time, but it’s a bit of an inconvenience for anyone else walking by.

1 thought on “Sidewalk Snippet, 8/19/2017

  1. Several people not directly involved as escorts or clients have mentioned that simply walking to work from a bus stop is tough because of the people congregating on the sidewalk. Of course, these religious congregants ignore that reality…

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