Pledge-A-Picketer Summer of Harassment: For Such a Time As This

Back in 2010 we began Pledge-A- Picketer as a way to flip the script on those holidays we see increased protester attendance. Events on the Saturdays before Easter, Mother’s and Father’s days have drawn hundreds anti-choice protesters. For the last 7 years we have had great success using this event to raise funds for Louisville Clinic Escorts, Kentucky Health Justice Network and other reproductive justice issues. Escorts decided that if the protesters were going to be on the clinic sidewalk in number, raising money off their heads was a brilliant plan.

And it’s again time to count our abortion hating, not counseling, sidewalk preaching, door blocking protesters. And we need your help!

This year we are adding another event to the schedule. July 22-29 Operation Save America is planning a full week of protests. May 13, 2017 ten OSA participants blocked access to the clinic, refusing to move and were arrested. This action was a test for the upcoming July event.


The concept is simple. Make a pledge for every protester that shows up. That way the bigger the crowd the more money we raise for abortion access in KY. Historically our community has donated between $.05 to $1 per protester. You can cap the amount of your donation. You can make a block donation regardless of crowd size. And this year we also have a way for you to donate an additional amount for every protester arrested.

To make a donation, fill out the form here. Share the link, ask your friends and family and raise your voice against anti-choice violence by raising funds for abortion access in Kentucky!



7 thoughts on “Pledge-A-Picketer Summer of Harassment: For Such a Time As This

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  2. Hey guys. I have tried the link twice. I filled out all the information and have not received an e-mail confirmation. A friend of mine has had the same issue.

    • Hi,
      Apologies for the delayed answer. For several years I have been sending email acknowledgements to our Pledge-A-Picketer donors as their donations have arrived. This year it is a special drive and we are all very busy with the week of the OSA National Convention in Louisville. Another kind volunteer has been running the recordkeeping for us and the decision was made to not send out separate emails as donations were received. We will be sending emails with the final count and also updating our blog with the results.

      The delay in answering was because I needed to verify with the other volunteer we did indeed receive your pledge. We did and the volunteer knows to delete any duplicate entries.

      We appreciate your support and understanding as we move through this difficult week.


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  4. Is it really that time already? Goodness me – donations have been sent with the usual requirement. And love, of course.

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