Sidewalk Snippet 07/06/17

Our local antis routinely shove literature into the hands of clients and random pedestrians alike. Social conditioning and not wanting to appear rude, many people accept the handouts and move on.

Most times it is discarded within a few minutes of receiving it.

Sometimes they just throw it in a trash bin on the way past. Other times it’s handed to escorts and they ask us to please get rid of it. When that happens the antis accuse us of taking the pamphlets to prevent clients from learning the truth.

No, our goal is to keep them from being thrown out randomly littering downtown.


3 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet 07/06/17

  1. May I steal an idea from a Nashville clinic that places a lawn and garden size can in the entryway where everyone must show ID to be admitted through the locked door into the main lobby. They have a sign over it that says “please deposit all anti choice material here before entering the lobby.” 😀

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