Sidewalk Snippet 06/21/17

Is bad behavior contagious? Many of the anti-choice protestors that target EMW have been harassing the clinic’s patients for years. However, over the past couple years, new and more aggressive groups have begun targeting KY’s last remaining abortion clinic. The bad behavior of these new groups seems to be infecting some of the older protestors and they’re causing public safety issues.

This morning, one of the “sweet old lady” protestors* crossed the property line to harass a client and her companion. An escort told this woman to step back over the property line and onto the sidewalk. The protestor told the escort that she can do as she pleases. Later in the morning, a different protestor stood in the street while wearing a sign around his neck. He must have stood there for at least 20 minutes. Again, these are older protestors who have been harassing clients for years, but they seem to be getting more aggressive.

After the Metro Council discussion on the possibility of a Safety Zone outside EMW, we’ve noticed some extra LMPD patrols in the area. We’re very appreciative of their efforts but they’re not able to be there every second of every day. A Safety Zone at the clinic is needed to ensure patient safety and to end the blatant trespassing and harassment outside EMW.

*There is nothing sweet about any of these people. This is just the impression they try to give clients at first.

Louisville Clinic Escorts is currently raising money for our Legal Defense Fund. We will be having a concert fundraiser June 25 at 6PM in Louisville, KY. The venue will be announced 24 hours before the fundraiser’s start time on this blog and at the event link below. Donations can be made in person at this event. The fundraiser will feature music by two local bands, a tap takeover at the venue, and a local restaurant selling food. Event information can be found here:

Additionally, donations can be made via PayPal. Just send your donations to (Louisville Clinic Escorts is not a 501c3)

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