Sidewalk Snippet 6/17/17

Followers of this blog or our Facebook page know that we occasionally post photos showing protestors and the dangerous, intimidating situations they create. When escorts take photos, it’s for documentation. When anti-choice protestors take photos, it’s in order to harass escorts and clients.

June 17 was the day before Father’s Day, which is typically a very heavy day for protestors. This day brought about 90 protestors to the clinic from various organizations. Early in the morning, I observed the son of a protesting couple playing with a camera. The parents are part of a group that brings multiple cameras, 4’x 2’ graphic signs, and loudspeakers. Their son appears to be around 6 years old and could now harass and intimidate clients with his own camera.

Later in the morning, the sidewalks clogged with multiple anti-choice groups, I took a photo documenting the crowd and how difficult it was for patients to reach the clinic. This photo included the same parents’ teen daughter blocking the sidewalk by holding a 4’ x 2’ sign. The mother accosted me for taking the photo, “She’s just a child.”

I wouldn’t post that photo without hiding that child’s face. Along with her brother, she’s a minor being used by her parents as just another tool to harass clients. Unlike a sign or loudspeaker, though, she’ll grow up and embrace or reject her parents’ specific, twisted doctrine. Today, I make the decent choice not to show her face here. I wish her parents had the decency not to use her on the sidewalk.

Louisville Clinic Escorts is currently raising money for our Legal Defense Fund. We will be having a concert fundraiser June 25 at 6PM in Louisville, KY. The venue will be announced 24 hours before the fundraiser’s start time on this blog and at the event link below. Donations can be made in person at this event. The fundraiser will feature music by two local bands, a tap takeover at the venue, and a local restaurant selling food. Event information can be found here:

Additionally, donations can be made via PayPal. Just send your donations to (Louisville Clinic Escorts is not a 501c3)

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