Sidewalk Snippet – 06/03/17

Saturdays on the sidewalk are loud. Intentionally so. On Saturdays, anti-choice protestors use amplifiers and loudspeakers to harass patients. Once patients make it into the clinic, noise from the loudspeakers pierces the glass separating the waiting room and the sidewalk.

This past Saturday, I tried out a decibel measuring app on my phone. Standing 30 feet from a loudspeaker on a tripod, the app was reading at an average of 89db. On the sidewalk, directly next to the speaker, stood 2 children of the man operating the speaker. If I was reading 89db from 30 feet away, how loud must the speaker have been for those children?

When a patient is walking into the clinic, it’s common for a protestor to declare that they would raise the child in lieu of the woman having an abortion. Isn’t the message undercut when it’s delivered over a loudspeaker at dangerous levels for the children the protestor has with him?

3 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet – 06/03/17

  1. Yeah, they are loud to annoy the patients. I also heard many of the protesters saying that they would pay to raise the child, but I never heard of it really happening.

    • I do worry about permanent damage to their hearing. There are typically LMPD officers on site on Saturdays, and if this were a CPS issue, I’m sure they’d make that known. It’s definitely a poor parenting decision but maybe not on the level of CPS intervention.

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