Bevin Threatens Last Clinic in KY – by MAP

The EMW Women’s Surgical clinic on 2nd and Market is the last abortion clinic in Kentucky and the threat of closure is imminent because of our Governor Matt Bevin. This is a threat to reproductive justice and abortion rights in our state, restricting access to abortions, creating more barriers for clients to face. Every person should be able to choose whether they are ready to parent a child. Attorneys at the ACLU have filed a federal lawsuit so the clinic can stay open. For more information please go to the links provided below.

Want to know how you can help?

Come rally with us Sunday, 2:00 p.m in front of the Clinic!

Rally for EMW

Donate to the Kentucky Health Justice Network Bowl-a-thon

Kentucky Health Justice Network bowlathon donations

Articles with more information

Courier Journal 


Herald Leader


Insider Louisville


1 thought on “Bevin Threatens Last Clinic in KY – by MAP

  1. What is wrong with that man?
    Let’s see, we could spend money improving the education system, improving social services, reforming the prison system, working to decrease teen pregnancy or get around to testing all those rape kits that have been mouldering in a basement for years.
    Neh. Let’s waste time and money passing unconstitutional laws we will then spend money to defend. Oh, and I’m gonna go meet with these weird beard guys who say I don’t have to follow the law if I don’t like it.
    Sigh. I guess that is what happens when a guy who can’t tell the difference between a cock fight and a political rally.
    What. An. Idiot.

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