Spelling Errors vs Reading Comprehension

The words coming faintly through my layers of ear muffs, wrapped scarves and hood sounded whiny and nasal on the cold wind. The ones I heard anyway. “On your vest.” I looked back to see one of our daily protesters with a cold, pinched, disapproving look on her face.

Wonderful I thought, another fashion fail for me, as I inspected my vest to find what the heck she was talking about that was wrong with it. Early mornings as I dress to head down to the sidewalk each week, I have been known to concentrate on dressing for the weather not for style. Mostly it’s a mismatched combination of things meant to keep me warm, dry and comfortable, not for fit and fashion as a few of the antis seem to do no matter the weather.

In the past after a morning of escorting, I have discovered I somehow put a layer on inside out, or backwards. Once much to another escort’s amusement, I looked down to see a dryer sheet peeking out from the bottom of my pant leg. That was a static electricity fail there and I’m not taking the entire blame for that one

So after failing to find any obvious issues with my escort vest I must have had a very puzzled look on my face.  She stepped closer and pointed at me, saying again, ” There’s a spelling error on your vest. It says Pro-Choice but it should read Pro-Death.”   

Thanks to the Clinic Vest Project we are supplied at no charge to us bright neon, highly reflective vests that are lettered with big bold lettering PRO-CHOICE CLINIC ESCORT.

Clinic Escort VestI smiled to myself and thought, poor woman, it’s actually a reading comprehension fail on her part.  She does not understand choice.  By refusing to look at things from outside her own narrow point of view she never will.

Pro-Choice to me is the ability to make whatever decision is best for you, your situation and family regarding a pregnancy. I trust your judgement to make the best choice for you. I don’t know the reasons you are walking with me to the clinic, I do not make assumptions, I do not ask. It is not my place. It is even your choice to walk with me or not. If you say no, I simply tell you it’s the building with the tan painted overhang and let you be.

That’s the difference between escorts and antis. There is only one way of thinking when it comes to them, ” Do it our way.”  They do not respect personal space. They do not listen when asked to go away. They hand out medically inaccurate information and insist on you making a choice they want you to make. That’s not choice. That’s intimidation, guilt, shaming and lying.

This is your journey in life. Make the best choice for you no matter what you choose.  Let no one bully you from the path you know is the right one for you. Whether it is the decision to terminate a pregnancy, to have and raise a child, or decide adoption is what you want. Choice. It’s a powerful word and only you can make the decision. That’s the reason I am all for choice.

So, I will proudly wear my vest that is spelled correctly and continue to respect a  woman’s decision on what she feels is the best choice for her. 

11 thoughts on “Spelling Errors vs Reading Comprehension

  1. this essay (pro-choice definition) is one I particularly liked! You are so right. There has not been a demo (pro or anti-choice) in the Austin area for several years now – no longer an issue here, thankfully! But for those of you who are still active in the fight for the rights & safety & voices of women – thank you, you have my supposrt, my thoughts and ALL my best wishes.

  2. I commend you for the job you do we were unknowingly ambushed this morning innocently walking from the YMCA today to the start of the Anthem 5k with school children in tow ages 5-13. They had pictures that were not fit for children of any age to see and instead of doing the decent thing and covering the signs as the children past they choose to put the sign in the very young children’s faces. I did what I thought was the right thing to do as a parent and covered my 11 year old daughters eyes which made things worse. They then proceeded to shout how 5000 thousand children were being murdered and other such nonsense that young children should not have to hear. Yes if I would have known about the clinic being there and the protests going on weekly we would have taken an alternative route avoiding that corner all together but I had no clue nor did a lot of other parents. They claim to be pro life pro family but yet what they acomplished today was terrifying young children scaring families that were only down there to run a race. I have always been middle road on the issue, but after today I could never again in good conscience side with a group that could do such horrible things to young children and families that were only there to run a race.

    • That was very painful and powerful for me to read. Sometimes after a few years escorting I have sadly become all too familiar with their tactics of intimidation and aggression.

      The protesters you encountered today are a particularly hateful group that is growing in numbers all over the country. ( check my blog post from summer of 2015 titled “Under Seige” )

      There are schools in other states located near clinics that have protesters that children encounter daily with this sort of harassment.

      Some protesters take it even further and go directly to high schools and middle schools with the graphic signs, amplifiers. When parents find out about it they are angry and outraged that persons claiming to be all of love, life and good choose to act in a way so hateful and disrespectful to other people’s children.

      I am so very sorry you had to encounter this on what was supposed to be a pleasant day out with family.

      Thank you for speaking up and bringing more awareness of the hate these people spew.

      I will be addressing boundaries in a blog post sometime this week. Please check back and read often. Thank you for your powerful words.


  3. This post was so appropriate today.
    I arrived at the clinic about 20 minutes after the antis today,and they moved across the street from in front of the clinic.

    Things went as usual with occasional taunts from the antis. After a time I walked outside and saw Pervert and Kraut in the school driveway talking to someone in a car that might have driven across the street to talk with them. I could hear Pervert laughing , his face up by the passenger window as Kraut eagerly rushed over to her bag and dug into it and pulled papers out and rushed back to hand them to the person in thecar
    After they talked a little longer the car left and Pervert immediately started yelling across the street at me that a baby had been saved. He said the woman was 18 weeks along and had changed her mind, that she told them she knew it was wrong and wasn’t going to have the abortion.

    Just before I read this article I was thinking about one of the big differences between the antis and us, and that is, if a woman did change her mind today, that was her choice. I would wish only the best for her. If a woman choses to have an abortion, that is her choice too, and I would wish only the best for her.

    Women are smart enough to make her own decision about her healthcare and I respect her enough to mind my own business. Sad that so many others don’t believe that.

    Your article was spot on.

    • Sometimes I think people just tell them what they want to hear so they stop pestering them.

      One of the best laughs I ever had with a client and a companion was when a woman who was visibly 7 or more months pregnant accompanied her friend who was getting an abortion at the clinic.

      She was the stronger personality of the two and when the antis saw them approach they immediately begin hounding the companion who played them beautifully all the way up the sidewalk taking the entire focus off of not only her friend but at least four other clients that morning who walked in the door without a single protester at their heels.

      The tongue clucking was audible that morning as the horrified antis discussed it amongst themselves.

  4. I just liked, on my personal FB page, the announcement that an unexpected pregnancy that turned out to be twins are two healthy, wanted girls right above the wedding photo of two lesbians.
    Prochoice is not “prodeath.” Have a baby or have an abortion or a partner of the same sex.
    I don’t care.

    • Thank you Crystal it seems the more aagressive and graphic protesters feel a woman is entirely incapable of making a decision herself. Now too with the the recent legislation and governor of Kentucky Matt Bevlin and the bogus regulaions they have passed in the name of ‘care’.

      I don’t have a twitter so I could not ask him any questions on my lady bits but I do have a dentist appointment coming up, perhaps a call to see what he suggests in the name of oral health care seeing how that affects every constituent of his in the state.

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