Bathtub Abortions ~ by KYBorn

Bathtub Abortions-by KY Born

I told Servalbear I was going to wait until I calmed down, but I’m not calming down so I’m writing this anyway. It is too close to the person who could have been me. It is too close to where I live part of the year. It is too close to a state being allowed to regulate a woman’s body. It is too close to the fact that women in “red” states have to cough up their own money for an abortion.

I don’t know why this woman got in the bathtub and used a coat hanger to try to end a pregnancy. I don’t care. She was not obligated to be a life support system for anybody. When the fetus was born alive, and thus became an infant, she clearly did no harm since the premature infant arrived at the hospital alive. Sure. The infant will have life-long problems. Most fetuses who become infants at 24 weeks born in hospitals don’t even survive.

Here is what I do know. I had the money and the knowledge to terminate a pregnancy legally and medically safe. Here is what I also know. If I had not had the money and knowledge of resources, I would have done anything to end that unwanted pregnancy.

I wouldn’t have waited so long to start the process. I would have tried medications first, even if they held the risk of death. I would have stopped eating and taken every herb known to man to induce an abortion.

If that didn’t work I would have been the woman in the bathtub. I would have killed myself before bearing that child. If that meant risking or even causing my own death at 20 or more weeks gestation, I would have done it.

So stop. Stop meddling in women’s medical decisions. Let us decide if we want to be mothers (and no, we are not mothers of dead babies if we choose abortion).  Get rid of the Hyde Amendment. Get rid of making abortion anything but what is: a medical procedure. Get rid of assholes who make gauntlets of people “praying for babies” and harassing people outside clinics.

Have your pro-life “clinics.”  Stay inside them and let people come to you instead of trying to lie to lure them to you. If you have to lie to get people in your joint, you don’t have much to say anyway.

Regardless, if all you “pro-lifers” don’t want any more incidents like this then follow my advice. You can pray for those aborted “babies” at home or in your church. You don’t need to make a public display of it for everyone else to hear it.

Bottom line is this woman hurt herself, her own body, but nobody cares about that. They care about a fetus that became a premature infant. What’s next? Shall we charge women who give birth early with involuntary manslaughter?  Why not?  Her uterus expelled a fetus before it was ready?

Ick. I just can’t say any more than make it easier for a woman who wants to end a pregnancy earlier possible.

Most of all, this should never have been a legal issue. It was a medical issue. Period. Shame on the doctors and hospital who even alerted law enforcement to this event. Shame on this community who elected Scott Des Jarlais, a man who was hunky dory with his own wife’s two abortions, and pressured one of his mistresses to abort on while recording the conversation on tape. (He taped the conversation himself, whether she was pregnant, aborted or gave birth is none of anybody’s business but hers).

Mostly, shame on the state of Tennessee. You and the assholes you voted into office caused this, not the poor, desperate woman in the bathtub you have shoved in jail. You and your version of high moral standards you impose on all of us are the cause of this and you bear the shame, and any criminal responsibility. So lock the legislature and governor in jail.

Let this woman go. She did no harm to anyone but herself.

Shame on you all. Everyone who holds up a gross sign. Everyone who blocks clinic entrances. Everyone who follows women for blocks. Everyone who films women entering clinics. Everyone who forces their literature on them. Everyone who misleads them into “crisis pregnancy centers.”  Everyone who votes for people who think a woman has no right to decline to be life support for another not yet human being.

Shame on you all.

You belong in that cell, not her.

9 thoughts on “Bathtub Abortions ~ by KYBorn

  1. As an addition not available before I wrote this, the infant does not have the last name Yocca which means a man signed the birth certificate under oath as father. What is this talk of foster care by antis? Let the male half take responsibility for his offspring.

  2. And the “saved” fetus who supposedly has suffered multiple injuries from her trying to abort it will be a pawn of the pro-life movement like Gianna Jessen. I hope whomever adopts it doesn’t used the poor boys life and condition as a further rallying cry against abortions.

    She should’ve been able to have an abortion in the first trimester, if they were better access – I guarantee she would have never felt compelled to try a coat hanger to terminate her pregnancy, especially so late I the game.

    The injuries they say are caused by the coat hanger are the same injuries attributed to being born a micropremie. So I’m not sure how much damaged was done by the coat hanger itself as opposed to being born on the cusp of viability. In my professional opinion she probably punctured a vein or artery in the umbilical cord or placenta, since she wasn’t hospitalized overly long – if she had severe injuries or blood loss, she’d still be there.

    Looks like the bastard Erick Erickson was right, it’s now time to stock up on coat hangers.

    • I have wondered how the woman would have injured the fetus. It seems she ruptured the amniotic sac and proably did a lot of internal damage. My only theory is the government will say if she hadn’t used the coat hanger the baby wouldn’t have been born. Being that she went to the hospital it seems she made no attempt at murder.
      It is true there are two clinics in Nashville. It is also true that there is no public transportation for the 30 to 60 miles. In addition, TN now has a waiting period and all sorts of idiotic fetus worship laws.
      Rutherford County is very conservative. The police officer was talking to her in the hospital and has already made biased statements to the media. I hope she can get her venue changed to Nashville -Davidson County. It is a bit of a liberal haven in a sea of red. She might get a fair shake there.

  3. Thank you. I was 30 in 1973 When abortion became legal everywhere. My Mother and Sister had illegal abortions. Some history:
    A Virginia judge has dismissed charges today against a young woman who shot herself in order to kill her unborn child in a case that has angered anti-abortion activists.

    Tammy Skinner was a poor, desperate 22-year-old with two young children and another one on the way.

    She said her boyfriend wouldn’t pay for an abortion, so she carried her pregnancy to term.

    Then she did the unthinkable.

    Prosecutors say that on the morning she was scheduled to give birth, Skinner drove to an auto dealer’s parking lot, took a gun, and shot herself in the belly, killing the fetus in an act of self-abortion. Skinner was charged with carrying out an illegal abortion.

    Is Skinner a criminal?

    Today, a Virginia judge said no. The charges were dropped, her case dismissed.

    • I’m sorry your mother and sister felt so desperate and of course the poor woman in Virginia. I hope all the women you talked aboUT are OK.

  4. Hi KYBorn, I came across your blog-post from Clouds/roughseas blog. 🙂

    As a TX-born (8th generation) American, I can empathize with your fury over this woman and her unalienable right to control her own body, that was denied her by lunatic ideologies in Tennessee. We have the exact same horrors in Texas. 😦

    Thank you for sharing this news, terrible as it is. I had not heard about it. We Pro-choicers must continue to use our civil duties/responsibilities as best we can to change and extinguish the barbarity, which remarkably still exist in our southern states, and push humanity to progressively higher evolution, intelligence, and more expansive altruism. Not stagnation in antiquated ideologies, or worse, regression.

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