Don’t Be a Mocker

I’m going to try to write this post without “being a mocker.”  Seriously.  That’s not what this post is about.  Sometimes on the sidewalk things get so convoluted and upside down, that I do laugh, but it’s not funny.

Today, we had a jogger who stopped to angrily confront the “preacher,” who was loudly maligning President Obama.  The jogger began with:  “Obama is a lifelong Christian, a lifelong American.  You can accuse him of being a Muslim, of being born in another country, because he’s black… ” and ended by yelling, “Racist!  Racist!”  before he jogs on.

The preacher’s response?  “The Bible says that we all are born of one blood – all races of man come from one blood – that’s what I believe! And that negates the fact that I could be a racist.”

In the distance, you can hear the jogger yell, “Bullshit!!”

Funny/ not funny.  Today on video, I have the preacher and the jogger, I have the preacher’s rants about abortion destroying the black race, how deathscorts are liars, and much more.  But here’s my favorite.   I call it “Artistic Rendition of Antis.”

I didn’t realize I was taking it.  So the video jumps around, upside down, sideways, right side up.  That’s actually how it feels at the clinic after you’ve stood there for 15 – 20 – 30 minutes, imagine an hour or more, listening to the preacher blasting his message.  When he pauses – and I love this – you can hear the Catholics reciting the rosary, or singing Ave Maria.  AND you can hear the music that one of the escorts plays – it reminds me of calliope music, which adds to the surreal, circus feel.

Make no mistake about it, it is a circus on the sidewalk.

Here’s a transcript.  Understand that he’s talking directly to the escorts.  We are the intended audience – there are no clients around, no clients in the clinic, just us escorts, stoically standing around.

{You’re smiling} young lady, but it’s true. And mockers will NOT inherit God’s kingdom, they will be cast into hell. So do not be a mocker.  That’s not something you want to be. There’ll be no mocking on the judgement seat of Christ. There’ll be no mocking on judgement day. And the only hope that you have is Jesus Christ and to submit to him.

In fact, you’re stealing human life. And you stand on this idea of liberty and freedom But the declaration of independence, the cornerstone of freedom in this country, said that we are all created by a creator with certain inalienable rights. Our rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The first one is life. The first one is life and you stand here today in opposition to that So the whole idea of liberty crashes on what you’re doing.  In fact you are tyrants. you are tyrants that choose to suppress choice, that choose to suppress freedom. And you need to repent of that

No (unintelligible) the kingdom of heaven.

The 7th commandment says thou shall not commit adultery. Jesus took it so far that if you’re thinking about having sex with someone who’s not your wife or husband, Jesus calls that lust of the heart – in thinking about it. But see, we don’t have to go, we don’t have to go that deep into God’s word in America. Naw, we don’t have to do that. Because adultery is celebrated on a scale never before experienced in the history of the world. To the point where, we make provision for women if they get pregnant because they want to sleep around and be whores -just murder your child. Just murder your child. We’ve got clinics all over, business all over the United States, just go on a Saturday morning, on a Tuesday morning, and we’ll take care of your problem, we’ll take care of your adulterous problem. The baby that was born, that was conceived out of wedlock, We’ll take care of it – we’ll just kill it for you.
See that’s what adultery has done to our nation, has done to many nations. We are desensitized to our sin

But America celebrates sexual immorality to the point where, if you don’t celebrate it, it is not even a matter of tolerance anymore, but if you don’t celebrate it, you are called hateful and a bigot and intolerant and mean and unloving.
But that’s because we have turned what is good into bad and what is bad into good, and the Bible says woe unto them who call evil good and good evil.

So let me be clear.  They believe that escorts are surpressing choice.  They believe that women who come to the clinic have been brow-beaten and bullied into coming there.  They believe that some of them are whores and some of them are victims, or maybe they’re all both whore and victims, I’m not sure.  And I want to shake my head and laugh.

But it’s not funny.  These are people who believe that a woman’s life is less valuable than that of her unborn child.  They absolutely believe that women are supposed to submit to men and accept their role as child-bearers and helpmates.  They believe that feminism is inherently evil.

Not funny.  They  push anti-abortion legislation, and abstinence only sex education, and think their religious beliefs should take priority over your rights.  And yes, they support Kim Davis.

And yes, they've added this to the array of signs they tie to the fire hydrant.

And yes, they’ve added this to the array of signs they tie to the fire hydrant.

I think it’s important for us to understand where they stand – and be clear about where we stand.

  • Note – I don’t think this post is about Christianity.  If you hate Christianity, that’s fine, if you feel the need to remind us that not all Christians are like this, I understand and agree.  But this post is about bullies and how they view the world.
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1 thought on “Don’t Be a Mocker

  1. People who end up in such a state of mind, are, unfortunately, seriously damaged, in my opinion. It’s a shame. I bet it stopped being about being “Christian” a long time ago it’s such a convoluted and deranged version of Christianity.

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