We Win Again

Only 100 protesters turned up on Saturday before Mother’s Day.  You know the deal – Pledge-a-Picketer, the more anti’s show up, the more money we make from the fundraiser.  It was always a win-win proposition – if lots of protesters show up, good for us, if not so many show up, good for us – and the clients. Here’s the history.

2009 – between 275 and 325 protesters.  (This was the year that inspired the fund-raiser.)

2010 – 255 protesters, 89 escorts

2011 – Closed for Derby Day

2012 – 151 protesters, 40 escorts

2013 – 315 protesters, ? escorts {can’t find the count for this year, sorry.}

2014 – 103 protesters, 60 escorts  {Donna tells the escorts that the numbers are low because they know about the fund-raiser we do so they stay away.  YAY – that’s a win for us too!}

And now ~~ this year ~~ drumroll please ~~ i

100 protesters, 35 escorts

Yep, that’s it.  I know, it’s a little ho-hum.  Here’s what it looked like:


It was a lovely sea of orange up by the front door.


Here’s what it sounded like.

Chad, standing on his step stool, preaches to the men:

“Turn back to God and become the man that God intended you to be!   Don’t stand up th~~ Take off your orange vests, men, and pick up your Bible {thumping on the Bible} and read it!  And heed it!  That was God’s intention for you!  That was God’s intent!  He said for us to rule this world – subdue the planet – to control it!!”

Lovely, right?  And this:

Chad says:

No thieves, no covetous, no drunkards, no revilers, no extortionists shall inherit the kingdom of God.  {Leans over and points at me}   Fear God, repent of your sins, and put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  {unintelligible} eternal life.

I am not sure which of those types of sinners I am – I mean, possibly all of them, but I don’t know which one he’s accusing me of being.  Baby killer is my usual gig ~ in their view ~ although, for the record I have not actually killed any babies, either pre-born or post.  So I’m a little baffled, but that’s ok.  I don’t want to have a conversation with him about it or anything.

Because we’re doing a Spring Pledge-a-Picketer this year, we still have one more day to go before we tally up on fundraising.  The Saturday before Father’s Day is another special occasion, famous for the parade that comes in from a nearby church.  Lots of singing and excitement – i would kind of like if they would just do it somewhere else.  Here’s what it was like last year:

It’s a gospel song, and mostly says, “Shout for victory, Shout for the Lord.”

So it’s not too late to make your pledge for Pledge-a-Picketer.   So far, we’re are at 179 protesters.  You can pledge here, with either a specific amount per person or by pledging a lump sum for the whole horde of protesters.


4 thoughts on “We Win Again

  1. I think the thing that tickles me most about Chad’s ranting is that there is no god. None, not one, nothing. He may be a noxious asshole, but at the same time he is wasting what little life he has believing in a fairy tale. That kind of makes me happy/sad for him and others like him.

    Chad, if you’re reading this, I hate to break it to you, bud, but you got duped. A child will believe anything you tell them. That’s how we can tell them about Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy and they buy it almost every time. You were brainwashed by your parents who were brainwashed by theirs until eventually, if you go back far enough, the Christians were holding swords to the throats of adult Pagans and forcing them to convert or be executed. Primitive, backwards beliefs like Christianity require that you get ’em when they’re young or in the case of intelligent adults, violently force conversion.

    • Yeah, I think lots of people who are atheist or don’t believe in God focus in on that aspect of the anti-abortion folks.

      For me, the worst part of Chad’s ranting is that he believes in a God who wants him to come to the clinic and try to shame women (and scold escorts) in an effort to force them to agree with him. That he believes in a patriarchal God who favors fetuses over already born women… For me, that’s the real problem here.

  2. Hmmmmm, Mother’s Day came and went. I drove up to Kentucky and saw both her and Grandmother (who is pro-choice and a HUGE supporter of women’s rights). I didn’t think of my abortion once. We had a lovely day and discussed various topics including my lack of babies that everyone seemed to think was a good choice for me. Why, I think a commercial for a vacuum or carpet cleaner came on and I didn’t go into fits of sorrow.
    My grandmother and mother had kids because they wanted them, not because they had to. Good for them for making their choice and even better for them for supporting mine.
    Happy Mother’s day to all those who are and Happy Mother’s day to those who knew they shouldn’t be.

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