What They Said…

Our newest fund raiser – Antis Say the Darnedest Things – ended Saturday.  Remember?  Some of us pledged money for every time a specific protester said a specific thing, only we couldn’t publish which ones we were tracking ’cause then they might quit saying that thing.  Well, here’s what they said.



(Picture shows Donna in a light blue coat, arms folded across her chest, disapproving look on her face, saying YOUR RELATIONSHIP WILL NEVER BE THE SAME}

And Dominic:


{Dominic is in his camoflauge gear and holding his “Before I formed you in the womb….” sign. He says: MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE.}

Keep in mind that Donna is at the clinic every, single day.  Dominic is generally only there on Saturday.  So how many times did they say their thing?

Donna –  Your relationship will never be the same – 21 times

Dominic – Murder in the First Degree – 29 times


We are still tabulating results for the pledges, but I understand that Donna has raised $208 for us all by herself.  Funds will be used for a variety of needs – winter supplies like salt for the sidewalk or hand and foot warmers; breakfasts for escort trainings, help with parking expenses and other miscellaneous needs.  Often, we share the funds with one of our sister organizations who provide hands on support for abortion access.

I’ll let you know what the total is for Dominic when I know.  Thanks to him and Donna for helping us, albeit unintentionally, as we support people seeking access to abortion, .

In the meantime, the first results are in from our Springtime Pledge-a-Picketer fundraiser.  You know, once upon a time (um, last year) we just did this fundraiser for the Saturday before Mother’s Day.  We used to have hundreds of protesters show up – really, hundreds.  But the last few years, the turn-out for that Saturday has been kind of pitiful.  Last year, they had a huge turn-out for the Saturday before Easter, and sometimes they show up in droves for the Saturday before Father’s Day.

So we began to wonder if they were purposely staying away because we do the fund-raiser.  Seriously.  It seemed like the other days got bigger and Mother’s Day kept shrinking.  So this year we decided to combine them all.   That way, if rain or sleet or hail  – or the knowledge that abortion access is improved by their presence – keeps them away from one big day, we’ll catch them on another one.  So – drum roll please – on the Saturday before Easter there were  ~~ 79 protesters.

Yeah.  That’s it.  A weak turnout.  Maybe they’ll have a better showing on May 9th.  I won’t say I hope so – if they don’t show, of course that’s good for us too, and even better for the client.  What a terrific win-win.

Finally – I have to say this here so I don’t say it on the sidewalk.  This is really to Donna:

“Your relationship will never be the same???  What are you thinking?   Do you think their relationship will be the same if they go ahead and have this baby???   Cause I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be a HUGE frigging change!!  What are you thinking?”

Oh, that’s right, she’s not.

Ok, whew, I feel better now that I’ve said it.  Thanks.


And it’s not too late to pledge for Pledge-a-Picketer.   You know how it works – you can pledge a certain amount per protester, or just pledge a set amount regardless.  Here’s the link to make a pledge.


6 thoughts on “What They Said…

  1. Absolutely KYBorn! She never sees the other side of thier relationship will never be the same. It had been utterly heartbreaking some mornings when escorting clients in who are having to terminate a very much wanted pregnancy for medical reasons.

    Yes, thier relationship will never be the same. Thier partner walked beside them and shielded them from cruel words that a real mother would chose life for her child and outrageous suggestions that they see ‘a real doctor’. They arrive at the door shaken, crying, sometimes outraged and screaming in her face to leave them alone.

    No relationship ever remains the same after an abortion. But for the one in three of us who will terminate a pregnancy in our lifetime, it can lead to amazing growth, new opportunities and the chance to be the best personal self for ourselves and everyone in our lives.

    The antis just want to think we are headed for a life of regret and sorrow. Sorry, not the case. Have had many tell me that the walk past these hateful people was the worst part of the whole day.

    Congratulations “D”, everytime you said that and where hoping that your words hit thier mark, they did. Just not as you would have ever imagined. 208 $ nice. Looking forward to the next time we do this. And no worry about a shortage of players and lines to chose from that’s for sure. I have a feeling things may be a bit more quiet on the sidewalk then.

    • Plus, aside from abortion, every relationship changes. As we mature and age our relationship with our parents or guardians change. Friendships strengthen, grow closer, drift apart or end for a variety of reasons. Marriages and romantic relationships change, some for the better, some for the worse, some become new and some cease to exist. Jobs and coworkers change. I could go on but won’t. Change is part of life and growth. Staying the same is neither productive or healthy.

  2. As an “evil pro-abort” it pains me to tell Donna she is right. Yes she is. And I am so glad!
    As a rape victim who became pregnant as a result of said act, I can say that not revealing the resulting pregnancy and terminating said pregnancy did change my relationship with that man forever.
    I am so glad.
    It severed any slight possible tie that wicked man could have to me and allowed me to move on to a healthy, wonderful marriage years later to a man who donates to the A-Fund in my name without being asked.
    So sorry Donna, but my abortion years ago is helping fund other women’s choice, if you want to look at it that way.
    I am going to bet she doesn’t think of these things on the sidewalk but any body who wants to is welcome to share that with her 🙂

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