To All The Escorts ~ Guest Post

This message is for all the wonderful escorts that made my walk into EMW so much easier for me and my companion.

The week prior to my appointment I had overloaded myself with information regarding the procedure I was going to have. By the night before my appointment, I was pretty well de-sensitized to what I was going to go through and so I randomly Googled EMW for which Google auto-completed “EMW reviews” I found an article from Life News*.

After reading that article and remembering Gibb’s Rule #3 “Don’t believe what you’re told–double check,” I went back to my search results and found this WHAS 11 article.

The funny thing is that Life News literally shot themselves in the foot….halfway through the article they named you guys! Every Saturday Morning was right there in caps and it gave me a proverbial lifeline. I had no idea up until about 11pm that I was to encounter protesters, although I had a suspicion that it was a possibility. But once LifeNews name-dropped you guys I immediately Googled you….and then I found the blog.

For over 2 hours I read posts. I read all the way back to the previous August that corresponded to my date with destiny the next day. I read about Ron and Donna and TM and Nurse Betty. and I read about all the escorts most of whom I only know by posting name: ServalBear and fml221 and lisajane13 and anarchist bee. I mentally prepared myself for what I would face in the morning through your blog. I finally fell into a restless sleep and 4 short hours later we were on the road to Louisville.

I–think–I recognized my escort the moment our car turned the corner onto 2nd St. I have no idea what his name is but if he is the same man that Cheryl described in her comment in this post, then the tall older salt-and-pepper haired man who walked me to the doors was an anchor for me. As we walked we discussed the blog and my general good mood, and how people like me must be a real relief for him and other escorts to walk with as we are firm in our decision and recognize the antis for what they are and what they are trying to do. He and I had a good laugh as I called out antis by name asking who was who. He pointed out some of the more outspoken ones and we talked about how ridiculous they all were. My companion walked ahead of us keeping the attention of 2-3 antis so they couldn’t bother us. I only had one younger gentleman and an older lady approach me and try to sway my decision, but I continued conversing with my escort and paid them no mind. We were so deep in discussion that I didn’t even get a chance to give anyone my patented Stink-Eye. You guys are right, the rain does help in keeping the numbers of antis down.

Anyway, I digress, the main reason for this letter is to thank you guys….thank you for existing, thank you to my escort for allowing me to walk with pride instead of shame. I’d also like you all to know that I’m doing well; mentally, emotionally, and physically. I slept really well the night after my appointment and woke up in the morning with minimal soreness after having what some would consider major surgery. When I woke up it was to the discovery that I had regained a lot of energy and strength.

Keep up all the good work!!


——————————————————————————–*Our general policy is to omit links to anti-abortion websites. We have made an exception and included the link to Life News for readers to experience the contrast in the information the author found on their Google search.

5 thoughts on “To All The Escorts ~ Guest Post

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  2. What everyone else said! Do not let what these bullies said bother you. Their breast cancer “studies” are horseshit and no more valid than what a toddler writes. I actually work in the medical field and read a lot, and I do mean a lot of actual medical papers. If you get depressed later in life well hell, lots of people do. Some people just have a genetic predisposition for it and some people have chemical imbalances that require medication. Might you have regrets at some point? Yeah, big whoop. What person over the age of 14 doesn’t have a life decision they regret? Good Lord, these people repeat the same crap to everyone woman going down that sidewalk. You made the best decision for you at the time and GOOD FOR YOU! Those people are awful and instead of helping women who want to go to term they torment those who don’t. They should all be ashamed but are to ignorant to know it. You, on the other hand, have nothing to be ashamed of.

  3. I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear at this. I’m SO glad you’re doing all right and the anti’s weren’t able to get to you. They don’t understand anything about what this is like or how it works. They just show up to yell cluelessly at anybody who will listen.

    But they underestimate both the clients and the escorts, and they are up against folks who are smarter and kinder than they are, so they will always be wasting their time out there and destroying relations

    I think the greatest analogy I’ve ever read on this blog is that doing the “Walk of Shame” is a lot like going through a haunted house. Lots of things to pop up and try to scare you, but nothing truly dangerous.

    Best wishes in healing up and all the great fortune of the universe for your future, my dear. 🙂

  4. What kittybrat said.

    My tears are of joy that you felt encouraged and supported in your own healthcare decision about your own life and your own body.

    My tears are of grief that antichoicers still show up on the sidewalk, in our families, in our communities. Bloody mean bullies.

    My tears are of hope because more and more people are learning that abortion is our right under law and that it is up to the client to decide yea or nay, along with her health care professional.

    Abortion is not a dirty word.

    If you or someone you know ever wants some support or info, ours is a great website to visit.

    Also, offers nonjudgmental, nonreligious support to any and all regarding abortion, their own, or their family member or friend.

    Thank you for making most of us weep. I feel very grateful to be part if thus amazing group of wonderful, good-hearted people known as escorts.

  5. You made me cry, but these are good tears. You and the others are why escorts do what we do. The “thank you”s are bonuses. And always welcome. Although I am not an escort at the clinic where you had your procedure, you can be assured that escorts all over the country will read this and appreciate you, as well. Stay strong and wonderful!

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