Antis Say the Darndest Things

I was reminded of a joke recently that goes something like this:

Q: What do you call that fleshy thing that surrounds a fetus?
A: A woman.

Get it, cause you start thinking uterus, womb, etc. and I think sometimes that’s where the antis stop. They forget all about that other thing surrounding the fetus, but until science takes a few steps forward, you can’t have a womb without a woman.

Why was I thinking of this, you ask? The other day on the sidewalk a protestor and escort standing beside me were having a conversation. The protestor was saying he had four questions that would change the escort’s mind about abortion. Question #1: Do you think it’s ok to remove an elderly person from life support? Because if you don’t think it’s morally alright to do that then you can’t abort the fetus because, and I quote, “it’s the exact same thing, they’re both on life support, it’s exactly the same!”

The most charitable thought I can possibly give is that he doesn’t have a good grasp on the English language and confused exactly with not even f*#^ing close to. But then I thought of that joke and realized that he just didn’t see any difference between a life-support MACHINE and a female BODY. So for anyone else out there who might think his was a slam-dunk question, let me help you out with the subtle differences that make the situations so different as to not be in the same hemisphere.


Really I believe I could have stopped at the photos. I think most people would look at those and go “Yeah that’s not the same thing at all,” but we’re not dealing with most people here. We’re dealing with people who focus solely on the fetus; the woman, if she enters into it at all, is just the means to an end. They have to throw in a few “we understand, we’re not judging you”s for the sake of appearance but in the end it’s statements like the one above that lay bare the true point of their mission.

I have no idea what questions #2 through 4 were because I had to walk away. I figure the protestor was so far off the mark with the first question (and that’s what he was leading with) the only thing that was going to change was my blood pressure number.

For the protestor, if you’re reading, you didn’t change my mind on abortion, but you had a huge affect on my view of your intelligence, compassion and understanding of the English language.


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8 thoughts on “Antis Say the Darndest Things

  1. If these people were remotely compassionate at ALL, their platform would be “I feel that abortion is murder, but stealing someone’s rights to their own bodies isn’t an acceptable solution either.”

    Yeah, apparently you can just not want to see…anybody…suffer. Go figure.

    You cannot expect people to take you seriously as a compassionate individual when you keep insisting on pitting women against their unborn babies and driving the abortion rates UP because of it.

    And they wonder why the rest of us are completely unimpressed with their messages of “concern.”

  2. Thank you, but I don’t want to delete it. The shame is not in referencing it. The shame is that so-called prolifers forced the family into that situation. Emotion aside, I think the point is valid. I can’t give the family back their privacy at this point.

  3. First, let me apologize for the lengthy rant I am about to write. Your antis really managed to hit a nerve with me today. The comment about “would you disconnect an elderly person from life support” is beyond stupid and beyond irrelevant. First of all, if somebody has appointed me to be their health care proxy then I would follow their wishes to the best of my ability. That is part of respecting a person’s autonomy. By allowing people to have advanced directives, I am respecting their right to make choices about the care they receive. If they have told me they don’t want to be on life-support and have legally directed me to be the person to make the decision in their place I would take them off life-support. Because that is their choice to make. Just like abortion is the woman’s choice to make.
    Of course, antis don’t even think people should be able to make their own end of life choices, especially if they are pregnant. Then, their body becomes property of the state. Marlise Munoz is a glaring example of that. She had the right discussions with her family. They tried to carry out her wishes. It used to be dead people had more rights to bodily autonomy than live women, but now dead women who happen to be fetus carriers have even less rights than live women. Disgusting. As far as their compassion, perhaps they should read some of the nasty, nasty Christian comments directed at Marlise’s husband. Perhaps they should read about Marlise’s parents who have already had to make this decision when their other child ended up brain dead. Compassion, my ass! They have none. I can think of nothing easier than loving something in somebody else’s body that they will never have to care for an will have no impact on their life. Perhaps they can pay off the bill Marlise’s husband received from the hospital that likely won’t be covered by insurance because she was clinically dead. I suppose they don’t get the warm fuzzies from offering to pay that bill that they do as being an anonymous asshole who throw out a meaningless offer to adopt a non-viable fetus.
    Thank goodness I have a husband and parents (who probably lean toward pro-life sentiments) who would make the best medical decisions based on my health and not on an embryo or fetus. In addition to an advanced directive, I have talked to them about my wishes. I can tell you that, in spite of morons screaming “grandma and grandad” outside a clinic, my parents would agree with and support me terminating a pregnancy that posed any risk to me in any way in a New York minute. My parents and husband love me more than anybody else, and they certainly love me more than an embryo. Antis have no compassion and only feel superficial love for non-feeling fetuses and embryos.
    Antis are the least compassionate and least loving people on this planet. Perhaps they need to pray for themselves before they worry about embryos.

    • No need to apologize to me. I realized there was a whole other can of worms to open in his beginning from a stance that disconnecting someone from life support was inherently wrong. Their belief that they know best for everyone in every situation is always astounding to me.

      I too thought alot about Marlise Munoz when writing this and about all her family went through and how that loss affected so many people. So many mornings I’ve heard clients or their companions tell about the heart breaking medical conditions that make the abortion an absolute necessity. They do this in the hope that the antis will see reason and leave them alone, give them the space to go through that horror in peace. I have never seen it work. The antis just tell them to see a different doctor, one anti even says not to trust in doctors at all, because God can heal.

      • To be honest, I feel guilty now for referencing Marlise because that poor family should have never had to make thos painful decision in public. They should have been able to grieve in private.

      • I totally understand, let me know if you’d like me to delete it. When discussing that it’s hard not to bring emotion into it.

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