PSA – & Pledge Time!!

If you have an appointment at EMW, do NOT park in this lot.

IMG_0001If you have an appointment at EMW, do NOT park in this lot.

If you can’t see the picture, the sign says:









The glass door is the entrance to the fake clinic, the “we-are-too-a-clinic” the “we care about you, all our services are free” clinic, the “let-us-do-a-free- ultrasound (that can’t be used for anything) while we preach at you” clinic.   That clinic.

Yes, it’s misleading.  Deceptive.  Manipulative.  But they deal in lies anyhow.  They will say, “Lies?  There’s no lies there.”  And that’s true.  It’s just deceptive. I don’t think it’s illegal.

Yes, I think they’re doing it in hopes of making people miss their doctor’s appointment.  They will say they’re not.  It doesn’t matter – t don’t think we can do anything about it.  But we’ve already had one person who saw “EMW PATIENTS” and went in thinking it was EMW.

So I’m telling you – the people who read here.  Feel free to spread the word.


 I usually like for posts to be up a few days before we post a new one, but this I wanted the parking lot warning to go up quickly.  But if you haven’t already read Eeyore’s terrific post about the antis lying by the numbers, please click here to read it now.  Go ahead,.  I’lll wait…

Because – since I’ve already started this post, I’ll do this too –


Yes, Mother’s Day is coming – which means the Saturday before Mother’s Day is also almost here.  Time for our Fifth Annual Escort Fund-Raiser –


The Saturday before Mother’s Day is the biggest protester day of the year. Antis come from near and far to shame, blame and humiliate clients going to their doctor appointments for an abortion.  Tons of protesters.  Hundreds of them.  Literally – over 300 one year.

So we take all those lemons and – yeah, I know, stupid cliche – but we do it – we make lemonade.  We started pledge-a-picketer so that the more of them that show up, the better it is for us.

You know how it works, right?   You pledge so much for each protester who shows up, we count the protesters, and the more of them there are, the more money we raise for escorts {vests, training costs, and other miscellany} and abortion access.

It is a lovely moment, when most of the protesters have arrived and we get to walk down the line counting. It baffles and annoys them, but it’s the one time that we can enjoy there being plenty of them.

Here’s the link to make your pledge:

{I know, it’s supposed to be embedded – feel free to edit and fix it, or message me how to do it…}

Take home messages:

~~ Make sure you don’t miss Eeyore’s recent post.

~~ Don’t get tricked into parking in the antis parking lot.

~~ Make your donation for pledge-a-picketer now.

~~ And stay tuned for our next post.





8 thoughts on “PSA – & Pledge Time!!

  1. After I saw you guys post this picture, I went and posted it on A Woman’s Choice’s Facebook page. They don’t let people actually comment on their page, but I was allowed to post it after a person’s glowing review of the place. Their response:
    “The escorts scream at women who do pull into our parking lot claiming AWC will tow their cars. To turn down the volume, signs stating we wouldn’t tow were necessary. Escorts claim they want peace, but instead, they fear-monger and lie as women park in the lot. Our name is on our building–the front of the building and the back of the building; so only posting this this particular sign is what is deceptive.”
    My much shorter response back: “You forgot to mention that they have to walk inside of your clinic in order to park there. That is some sneaky bullshit.”

    • Wow, Stacie, that’s pretty interesting! I love their response. Needless to say, we don’t “scream” at women, but you probably guessed that. Smh, I’m glad their sign “straightened it out” with their sign. Great response to them too!

  2. If all of the women going to have abortions wanted or needed to “hear all their options” there would be no need to be so deceptive about everything they do. Antis and CPCs have the art of lying by omission down to a fine art.
    Protesters are not protesters, they are sidewalk counselors simply providing women with much wanted and needed information.
    Stalking and harassment are not stalking and harassment. That is freedom of speech.
    The claim of free health care in the form of a dollar store pregnancy test and a non-daignostic ultrasound is neither free nor is it healthcare.
    The new parking sign isn’t technically telling a lie because it doesn’t come right out and say the lot belongs to EMW, but it is clearly designed to appear that way when they purposefully post no sign that says otherwise. Honesty would be a posting signage that clearly say the lot belongs to AWC and that the cost for that free parking space is an anti-abortion lecture and attempt at religious conversion that will take over an hour.

    • You are right! We all need to be emailing, Facebooking, Twittering, writing and calling our legislatures and president to draft and pass and updated version of the FACE Act. FACE was great at putting a stop to all the clinic chainers and people who laid down in front of cars, but the antis have adapted and it is time for some new laws that prohibit interfering with clinic access through deceptive advertising, signage or places presenting themselves as a clinic that provides abortion. It also should establish a 50 foot barrier around any medical facility. The law should establish criminal penalties for any form of reproductive coersion, be it trying to force somebody to have a baby or have an abortion. CPCs or anybody that provides medical services should be held to HIPAA standards. Finally, the legislation should contain a provision that allows for criminal prosecution of anybody who continues to follow a person for purposes of interfering with any medical appointment after being told, in plain terms, to leave the person alone more than 3 times. The legislation needs to come from a federal level so that it will apply to all states.

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