Threatening People Isn’t A Great Way To Win Them Over, Ya Know?

The antis on the sidewalk often approach escorts and clients with an attempt to intimidate by way of instilling fear. How? With clients and their companions there are threats of how “you’ll regret this because you’re killing your baby.” . To male companions of the clients, “ You’re not a real man! If you were a *real* man you would take her out of there.” , “you aren’t a real man if you let her do this, you’re a weasel.” The protestors trying oh so hard to instill fear of a loss of gender identity to men unless they physically stop the clients from entering the building. Its just strange that they would use such a tactless approach. I’ve come to feel that the protestors who use this are not there for the clients and to help them, but for personal gratification, otherwise they might become introspective about their methods.

Anyway. The escorts are threatened with jail, this morning two of us were verbally attacked by the same protestor. The protestor attempted to block physically block clients as they crossed the line on the sidewalk marking the area where the protestors couldn’t follow. The escorts did their best to stand in such a way which would keep the protestor from physically contacting or blocking the client at which point this protestor noted that the only way to draw attention to themselves was to feign some sort of physical altercation. The protestor backed up and started howling about how we almost knocked them over!” How dare you!”. The second altercation was quite similar, but instead of simply saying, “ how dare you”, she stood as close to the line as possible (as is her way) and said , “WE have FOUR cameras watching you. I’d hate to see you go to jail for doing this to me….” and on and on and on. My only response to this person has become, “Stop harassing me.”, this particular person is also well known to me for spouting her racism at me every time I’m present.

I’m just confused about what world the antis live in, they’re so amazingly narcissistic.

This morning though there were 14 clients, 10 Antis and 8 escorts. So at least there was a good number of escorts to watch out for each other and to witness the awful behavior of these people.

Edit/ P.S.

This protestor seeks some sort of hierarchy within the escorts, when they feel threatened this A* seeks out a specific escort ( I’ve witnessed this occurrence multiple times over my time of escorting) and tells the escort to control another one of us. There is no leadership here, no hierarchy and for that I am so grateful. Upon informing the A of this however, the A turned this into a weapon against the escort who is nothing if not kind and engaging with us, ” Well, you act like you’re in charge.” sarcastic and biting to be sure. I’m just amused at this pattern this A has when they don’t get a reaction out of the initial escort they’re threatening they approach this particular escort and badger them incessantly.


A*=Anti/ Protestor

6 thoughts on “Threatening People Isn’t A Great Way To Win Them Over, Ya Know?

  1. Oubli, yes clients do get upset about these things, most often I’ve seen their companions react and reply to the protestors out of anger. The clients, while angered, are also trying to enter the clinic as fast as possible to avoid this barrage of verbal cruelty however their companions while walking the clients inside will often show their anger in a much more obvious way.

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  3. So many of them behave like spoiled children who have never been told “no.” I wonder if they act like that in all the facets of their lives? Well, if they even have any other facets. Seems like many of them have no lives outside of their antics at clinics.

  4. Pissing people off hardly endears them to you. Pissing on them with insults doesn’t bode well either.

    Don’t any of the patients ever get angry? Does the fear mongering and shaming aspects the protestors incite anything but fleeful terror in the patients? Doesn’t anyone besides the escorts and clinic staff get angry? Sometimes I feel like the only patient that got angry at the protestors and the emotions they were trying to incite in me.

  5. Wednesday we had a new anti who confronted our escorts, left and brought his 2 children back (about 4 and about 6-7 months) in very cold weather. He called police and among other things (most untrue) complained that we had taken pictures of him and of his license plate. When the officer asked why we took pictures of his license plate I pointed out their camera across the street and told him They take pictures of the license plate of every car that comes in the clinic driveway and also told him that we are in a dangerous situation where if anything happens we want to know who could possibly be involved. He stopped that kind of questioning.

    Later he laughingly commented that we must have thousands of pictures and videos and wondered where we store them. We told him yes we do and do it for self protection. They have helped us out more than once.

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