Back on the Sidewalk Again

I’d been gone for three Saturdays in a row, so I was (almost) glad to be back on the sidewalk.  I had missed my escort friends, and the satisfying sense of doing some good work.

I had not missed this:


It’s hard to see (it was dark) but you may notice that the uterus holding that fetus is apparently free-floating.  I didn’t know they could do that, I thought they had to be inside a woman, but perhaps I was wrong?  After all, we are just hosts for the fetus, right?

Host:  2.  An animal or plant on or in which a parasite or commensal organism lives.

Commensal organism:  1.  A symbiotic relationship between two organisms of different species in which one derives some benefit while the other is unaffected.

Parasite:  1. an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expense.

Sigh… it really creeps me out.

Then I look across the street and see this:

IMG_3303Yes, that’s the Kentucky Bible College, coming on down to share their gospel music (almost on key today) and their fetal-porn signs.  Here they are, at the end of the morning:

IMG_3306And here:

IMG_3305Fetal porn at its best/worst.  They are facing the window of the clinic waiting room, right by the property line.  See how their feet line up behind that one row?  The guy whose feet are just a tad in front of the others felt compelled a couple of times to hold his sign over the line – petty bullish*t.

The blogger we know as Eeyore comments that:

The bible schoolers seem to have decided that if a companion has their arm around a client or helps them to the clinic door it is coercion and the client is being forced to get the abortion. One kept saying “If you’re so alright with what you’re doing why won’t you look at my poster, why are you hiding?” I found that to be rather arrogant, like every eye on the sidewalk should focus on him or it’s a sign of their guilt. No, maybe people just don’t care about you or what you have to say.

The “why are you hiding” guy is REALLY loud.  In fact, the Bible-schoolers dominate the sidewalk by the door, leaving our regulars, like Donna, relatively quiet.  Well, with some exceptions.  For example, Ron (the one who read my mother’s obit to me) is always active. Eeyore says:

Ron gave me and couple of other escorts “a stern talking to about how we’re so negative all the time, why don’t we try to be positive and uplifting.” He had to pause a moment to tell a woman she was a murderer and going to hell.

Then there were some new green-vested-chasers (sounds like a bird, doesn’t it?) but they were quieter than the old hands and not quite as obnoxious.  Some protesters had questions –

“How much do you get paid to do this? How much is your soul worth?”

That one makes me laugh, since you couldn’t pay me to do this, I would only do it for free.  As for my soul – I’m earning points for heaven, showing compassion and care for the clients at the clinic, don’t ya think?  So whether I believe in God and heaven and hell or not, I’m not worried about it.

The question of the day, however, was “What if…?”

What if your mother had aborted you?

Do you have children?  What if you had aborted your children?

Hmmmm – thinking, thinking, thinking – oh!  I know the answer – me, me, call on me!

If my mother had aborted me, I wouldn’t be here to worry about it!  And the sun would still rise and set, the world would still be spinning on its axis, and that would be ok.

If I had aborted my children – um, they wouldn’t be my children.  My life would be different, the sun would still rise and set, the world would still be spinning on its axis, and that would be ok.

That just seems silly to me, you know?   Do they think I’m suddenly going to have a revelation and say, “OMG!  That could have been ME????  Or MY CHILDREN????  THAT would have been a tragedy- so NO one should EVER have an abortion, because (if everything were different,) it could have been ME or MY children?”

Good grief.

Backwards-walker likes to point out that if my mother had showed up on the sidewalk at the clinic, he would have argued with her to save me just as strenuously as he does everyone else.  That makes me smile.

Um, am I supposed to be grateful that he wouldn’t have wanted my mother to abort me?  Or impressed that he’s so “Christian” he would want even (evil, baby-killing) me to be born?  Oh, but wait – he wouldn’t have known it was “me,” so – nope, that doesn’t even make sense.

Oh, that’s right – it doesn’t have to make sense…

Yep, it was good to be back.  Most of the nonsense rolled off me today.  The antis were glad to see me back (not) but they did notice – I heard Ponytail Guy mutter something about “Satan’s Little Helper is back,” which is about as warm and fuzzy as you can expect a protester to get.

At the end of the day, I noticed this sign, also from AHA (Abolish Human Abortion)


And I thought, yes.  So true.  I could have mentally added some sarcastic comments, but I’ll let you make up your own…

I thought I was going to blog about some other stuff today.  I could have talked about how it seems like things are heating up on the sidewalk.  I could have talked about the Right to Life convention that’s coming in June, or the 40 Days for Life thing that starts next week.   I could have promoted the National Bowl-a-Thon fund-raiser that’s coming up in April, and encouraged you to start a team or make a donation.  But really, I think just talking about my first day back was quite enough…

15 thoughts on “Back on the Sidewalk Again

  1. Just a point you might want to consider, but the scientific definition of parasite and commensal organism state that it is of a different species. The fetus is of the same species so the whole ‘host’ argument isn’t really scientific.

  2. “What if your mother had aborted you?”

    “I don’t happen to think my life is more important than my mother’s.”

    It shuts them up every single time, but not for long. They just try to pull something else out of their their arsenal of pat answers.

    • Oh, that’s a powerful answer, Longtail. If I actually spoke to them on the sidewalk, I’d have to use that! Thanks.

  3. Are the AHA people new? They creep me out. Although it probably is not funny when you are actually on the sidewalk, I admit to laughing when I think about the antis trying to out anti each other. It has to be loud out there with AHA, bullhorn preachers, Angela, Donna, Ron and the crew in green vests. Good grief, I would have a migraine in 10 minutes. Too bad all your sidewalk bullies won’t adopt the practice of putting that red “life” tape over their mouths. At least then they would be quiet.

    • Yes, they’re relatively new – new here, for sure. They creep me out too. They are super extreme and make no pretense of caring about the mothers – they are all about ending abortion in all circumstances and see it as a holy war. Google them for more – i don’t want to link to them. AND they HATE the Catholics. In their book, the Catholics are satan-worshipers just as bad as the deathscorts.

      And you’re right, it is funny sometimes. On the sidewalk, it’s like a 3 ring circus, without the tents. A little loud, for sure, but endlessly fascinating.

      Thanks for your comment!

      • I have known of their existence for a while, but they mostly seemed to confine themselves to states out west. I didn’t know they had made their way to Kentucky. At least they are up front about the fact they don’t care about the women. It’s all about the all mighty fetus, which is the bottom line for all antis. Some are just better at PR than others.

      • Also, I don’t know, but AHA has apparently decided Louisville is worth putting a nearly 7 minute video on YouTube of a dude ranting at the window on an empty street. I’m guessing everybody has been inside for a while. The high point of the whole blather, is when he say “we won’t be out here all day.” I can only imagine how many people were wishing that time would come quickly.

  4. If my mother had aborted me, I wouldn’t be reading this blog, laughing at the guy trying to be upbeat when he tells someone they’re headed for hell. I would have missed out!

    But some other person might have got to enjoy the blog in my place. Because women who have abortions go on to have other children… who wouldn’t exist if she’d kept the first one.

    I know that doesn’t make any sense. But hey, they don’t make sense either.

    • Hey, bodycriimes, it makes sense to me! I mean, it is frighteningly egocentric to think that the idea that I might not be alive under certain circumstances should be the basis for legal decisions about other people’s lives. If that even makes sense…


    • Well, they are creepy. And they are so focused on the fetus, it is as if the pregnant person doesn’t exist, which not only makes it creepy, but a little bit scary. Yep.

      Thanks for commenting!

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