A black glove

When I was escorting about two weeks ago a black glove was found on the sidewalk, a group of clients had just entered the clinic and at first several escorts turned to each other holding the glove and asking if any of us had lost it. No? I went inside with it to ask this time if any of the clients were missing a black glove, I held it up. No.

When I got back outside I stood in front of the doors and asked once more. Ah, yes, the protestor who is so very rude to me was the owner of the glove, “Are you sure you don’t want to just go ahead and keep it?” she sneered.

I was shocked, was I being rude? Had I inadvertently said something awful to her when offering her the glove? No. “Excuse me? What do you mean?”I said as she put on her gloves and straightened her shoulders, “Well, you know, you’re just gonna get in trouble. No good deed goes unpunished.” she said as she looked at me over her spectacles. First of all, what a terribly rude and cynical thing to say, lady, you’re looking way too much into me just giving you back what you dropped when you were harassing people and trying to hand them a tiny plastic fetus, okay?

Its important to take a breath and realize why I’m there. I’m not there to discuss politics, religion, or how to be a decent human being with protestors, I’m there for the clients. To delve so deep into the meaning of every footfall and side glance of an anti is counterproductive and unhealthy for me. That being said, if it seems to distract the antis from harassing clients even for a few minutes, then I will gladly take their negative comments.

It makes me sad though, that these people believe that evil permeates us to the point wherein common courtesy (aka returning your glove) is something unfathomable for us to do. Once again, calm down, and maybe take this basic situation as a lesson that we are not evil, and perhaps a reality check is necessary?

-Anarchist Bee

6 thoughts on “A black glove

  1. Well stated. This shows how far apart perspectives can be between escorts and antichoicers. You captured the shock we’ve all felt at the vitriol and rage, also the importance of keeping in mind that every moment we endure it is one less moment the client must endure. Although, to be honest, taking that hit every day can become too much. Perhaps the plastic-fetus-bearing spends so much time and energy on hating free will and those of us who stand for it, it may have become easy to assume we share the hatred. Hurrah for returning the glove as a simple act of human courtesy and double hurrah for not feeding back into that hate concept. Drew used to say, “Never try to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.” It takes 2 to fight and I’m glad we are not there to make war.

  2. One time last summer one of our escorts found a pair of glasses a block from the clinic where one of the antis parked. They had already left when she saw them and she picked them up and held on to them with the intent of asking Granny Grunt if they were hers the next time she came to the clinci, even though it was tempting to just throw them away. The next time she showed up, the escort asked her and they did belong to her. She did say thank you.

    Every once in a while we tend to throw them off their game when we do something nice. One very hot day one of our escorts brought out water on an extremely hot day and walked across the street and offered it to the antis. They were totally put off balance. Later when she spoke with the FBI about something they said they had been there watching that day and cracked up when she walked across the street to give them water. Another time an elderly anti nearly passed out from the h
    eat and two of our escorts saw what was happening and helped him, one getting water for him and the other getting an ice bag. Two or three of the antis ended up thanking us for helping. When they thanked me I told them “You’re welcome. That’s just the kind and right thing to do. Of course we would help someone in distress.”

    Oh, well, they have trouble recognizing that we are human beings.

  3. What is it with gloves and antis? A previous post here also dealt with a lost glove in which the antis lied about it belonging to them (if I recall correctly).

    Ps – Have comments been disabled on Wolfer’s latest post?

    • Oubli,

      Yes, they have a thing about gloves. The article previously was about a glove belonging to an escort an anti found, but then lied about finding it when asked.

      No, comments haven’t been disabled on Wolfer’s latest post.


    • Oubli,

      I was mistaken. Comments were accidentally disabled on Wolfer’s latest post. It is being corrected today and you will be able to comment soon.


  4. In other words, “I know you’re going to Hell anyway for helping a bunch of murderers slaughter their babies, you might as well have a ball sinning to your little heart’s content.”

    They think everybody is just as inherently wicked as they are. They’ve had that horrible world-view pounded into their heads since they were small, so it’s impossible for them to fathom that we’re working in a completely different mindset where that isn’t the case.

    I’m trying to learn not to get mad at them and indulge my instincts to snark. I hear stuff like this and I think, “Oooo. Chew toy!”

    I know, I know…I’m a lot like them; it’s embarrassing. I turn into an angry pit bull at what I think is injustice, just like they do. I admit it, and I don’t like it. I’m working on changing.

    I’ve been doing a lot of mental practice while reading these stories to learn how to be the “eye of the storm” so I can hopefully one day feel good enough one day to step out with you all and be an escort in my hometown.

    You’re right. It’s critical to keep thinking about the clients and what they are going through. I would feel so horrible if I ended up hurting one of them because opening my mouth and snarking was more important to me than their situation was. I know when I went for my abortion and encountered an escort and an anti snarking at one another, I would have been like, “Guys, really? I REALLY don’t have the strength to deal with your political garbage today.”

    Well, the fact that I realize this is a start, right? I’ll get there some day. In the meantime, thanks so much for taking the time to write about your experiences, Bee. You and everyone else make me think, and that’s a good thing. I’m going to make 2014 the year I start escorting one way or another!

    Happy Holidays!

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