Selective deafness

After escorting now and then for the last three months, although less now in cold weather (arthritis would do that), there is an observation I would like to share with y ‘all.

You know I am deaf, right? That means, on the sidewalk, I could stand there at the property line, ensuring that clients are able to come in a safe zone, and not hear or understand what antis could tell me. You wouldn’t believe how much antis would try to get me to understand what they say, from spelling out certain words to showing me images. You can’t blame them for their efforts; they certainly reinforce their belief that I am ‘deaf and dumb’; not knowing what I am doing on the sidewalk.

But that’s not what I’m going to talk about. I’m going to talk about selective deafness.

As quoted in Wikipedia and psychological research, Selective auditory attention, selective deafness or selective hearing is a type of selective attention and involves the auditory system of the nervous system. Selective hearing does not involve the sounds that are not heard. However, it is characterized the action in which people focus their attention on a specific source of a sound or spoken words. The sounds and noise in the surrounding environment is heard by the auditory system but certain parts of the auditory information are processed in the brain only. Most often, selective auditory attention is directed at things people would like to hear, or not hear.

In other words, people practice selective hearing when they choose certain spoken words, to reinforce their own beliefs. People in this case, are there to talk, but not to listen- they are there to tell you what they think, feel and judge, being selectively deaf, not listening to the other person speaking .

Let me use two examples:

A client came by with her husband; with a wanted pregnancy. However, the fetus was already dead (no heartbeat), and so they came to get an abortion. The antis flocked over them, yelling at them “Don’t kill your baby.” Never minding that the husband had shouted that the baby was already dead. Can you imagine the anguish of the couple, who wanted a baby, grieving the loss of the child already, being told they are murderers?

That’s selective deafness. Antis chose not to listen; they reinforce their own belief that what they do and judge is right, never mind God said “not to judge lest you be judged.”

Second, when antis shout out there is “free diapers, free resources, free help, don’t kill your baby”, at clients coming in; they are refusing to heed what clients say, Don’t’ bother me! Leave me alone.” They do not know, or do not want to know why the client is getting the procedure. It’s all black and white to them. Domestic violence? He’ll beat you up more if you kill your baby! Can’t afford another baby? Give it up for adoption! We’ll help you- free resources! Rape? Not baby’s fault; it’s your fault for letting it happen.

Selective deafness. Antis choose what they want to hear and see, determining themselves as saviors and heroes. If they save a child or two, never mind that the child may end up experiencing neglect, physical or sexual abuse later, or even being murdered as a child. Recently in the news, there have been findings that 41 children were killed in care of family or caregivers during 2008 in Kentucky. Almost 270 children were killed in the last ten years; not by accident, but from abuse, neglect and violence. Children are coming in and out of homes, evidence of wounds on their bodies, malnutrition and/or fear in their eyes. Where I work, I have seen children trembling, reluctantly letting go of my hand, as they return to homes that should be safe, but aren’t. The children protective services are a joke, especially for disabled children, but that’s for another post. And the antis call us murderers and abusers? They ought to look in the mirror.

Selective deafness is very dangerous in the ‘sake’ of helping, but causing destruction.

And they think me being deaf is worse? At least, I still hear from my heart and listen with open arms and mind.

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