Racism and Antis

I remember when I first started escorting a little more than a year ago I was pretty shocked by the protestors, how they verbally assaulted clients made me terribly upset, and over time I’ve been able to ignore their lies. However, one thing that hits me and churns my stomach to this day is racism from the antis. “Honey,” they say  as if they are speaking to some poor, innocent, stupid, girl, “You are assisting with the holocaust of your race. Don’t you know what you’re doing to your people? Why are you here, honey? Why are you doing this? You don’t need to do this.” The HOLOCAUST of my race? There are so many problems with that statement alone! Comparing abortion to the holocaust is disrespectful to those who suffered. Furthermore, so many of the anti’s remarks are based on assumptions, they see a young woman and an older woman they assume its a “girl and her mother” or a young woman and a young man, they ASSUME he is the father. Its just ridiculous, but this assumption that they know my “race” (a meaningless term for me) is highly offensive, due to the color of my skin and my hair they feel as if somehow I’m being tricked as an African American to be on the sidewalk! That I don’t know what these terrible people are doing to MY people, its frustrating. Finally I told the greatest offender, “You know, you’re racist. You don’t know me, you don’t my “race”.”

Her response? “Well you don’t look Chinese to me. I’m not racist, look this is my adopted family.” *she pulls out a picture kept in her papers of a dark skinned family* I laughed so hard. THIS was a really great example of, “I’m not racist I have black friends.” I thought to myself. WELL, the anti next to this woman said exactly that. I laughed at their ignorance. Anyway, now both of them come up to me and stage whisper like high school girls, “She’s the one who said we’re racist, like she even knows what that means!”

The problem to me with assuming anything about “race” is that you are categorizing people, and THAT is problematic. They assume your racial background and treat you accordingly, HOW IS THAT NOT RACIST?

-Anarchist Bee

5 thoughts on “Racism and Antis

  1. I’ve been on a long break from a long time of daily escorting, but loved reading your thoughts on this. I sure do remember the Holocaust Card. This is their Race Card, and they only play it when they see what they deem to be a person “of color.” Cannot say whether they are racist or not, but fairly sure they say this to stress how evil they think abortion is, and they’ll say anything – ANYTHING – to get a reaction out of the client or the escort. Anarchist Bee, they want you to react, to argue, to defend. You know what? Mom was right. I do have a hard head. Took a lot of slamming against the wall before I could try to keep my mouth shut, stay aware, engage with escorts & clients, but DISengage from antichoicers.

    What a wonderful existential training escorting can be in the difference between reacting – – and responding with thought and self-control. Their ground of being is: ” I/We are right and you have no real choice and we must force you to admit that, any way we can.” Picture an argument between, say, Dr. Spock the logical Vulcan, and Mary, the emotional Embryo Liberator. (Either Mary, take your pick.) They just don’t respond logically to logic. Love and hugs to all escorts and supporters because abortion is not a dirty word.

  2. I wish people would just leave race out of an issue unless bringing it up actually has a point. Criticizing a crime that happened because the people who committed the crime were making references to race is relevant to what happened. Screaming about the race of the woman choosing abortion or protecting women from protestors is pointless. The fact that people have adopted children of another race is not a discussion point. People’s children should be their children. I know many pro-choice/pro-access people who have adopted and they do not need to point out that their children are “OMG! Adopted! Look at my ADOPTED! children!” I do know several people who have very touching stories about how they became parents. I have heard stories told by a man and woman who thought their family was complete but still cry when they talk about bringing their daughter home, an extended family who doesn’t notice that their newest addition is a different race, a friend who added two kids to her family within a year, friends who added two children to their family in year by adoption. Sorry to ramble, but my point is the race of neither the mother, father or children matter unless people are trying to make some sort of point. Children, or family, are not political tool.

  3. I’ve seen people of a race/ethnicity/religion/etc throwing nasty slurs at other people of the SAME race/ethnicity/religion/etc. That tells you just how completely messed up this type of thinking is, and why you sound unbelievably stupid trying to pull the “I have (put minority of choice here) friends!” card out.

    My sympathies that you had to suffer through the contact-embarrassment of that.

  4. You can make the case that the anti all have the same genome,they all have been progrmmed to say the same things and the only way they can recognize some thing or someone is by applying a label, with out a label how can any one tell what’s inside.Simple minded is simple minded does.

  5. Just another fine example of the sadistic harrasment that these individuals take great delight in heaping on others. It is predatory in a way. They perceive a weak point and go in for the kill so to speak. Sometimes with syrupy words of proposed assistance other times biting and cutting verbal barbs with no other purpose then to try and inflict as much pain as possible.

    Loved your prespective on this.

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