Have Soapbox, Will Preach

“Soapbox:  A temporary platform used while making an impromptu or nonofficial public speech.”  (according to the Free Online Dictionary)

Last week, for the first time in quite a while, one of the preachers (we call him Chad – don’t know if that’s his real name or not) brought his step stool, and his microphone, and preached to us.  He preached to us for a full hour and fifteen minutes, leaving some of the other preachers on the sidelines.

I thought I’d share some of that pleasure with you.


…so your children may live.  He commanded us to go forth and multiply and fill the earth.  That’s what he commanded us to do from the very beginning – he told Adam and he told Noah to do the exact same thing.
Come on, people!  Come on!  We’re in America!  We don’t need to do this!  If someone said, “Well, I can’t have a  baby because I can’t do this or I can’t do that or I don’t have a job or whatever,” – there’s no excuse in this country today for doing this (waves his arm at the fetal porn)  There are adoption agencies – people waiting in line to adopt babies – there is someone – someone wants to help you in this situation.  If you don’t have a job, someone will find you a job.  If you don’t have a home somebody will find you a home.  If you need money, clothing, shelter, food, there are people in this country who will help you in an instant.  And they don’t even have to be Christian or religious.  There are secular groups that will help you in this country today.
You don’t need to do this!!  (Pointing at the fetal porn.)  This does not need to be done!!

Just a couple of comments – notice that “He told Adam and Noah to do the same thing” about going out and multiplying – no need to mention Eve and Mrs. Noah, right?

Servalbear says her favorite line is “Come on, people!  We’re in America!”  and I agree, that has a nice ring to it.  But I think my favorite line is in this one:


…so you can live the gangster rap life.  This is what murder is.  This is what happens.  We don’t need to do this in our country today.  There are people who want to help.  So the excuse, “I’ve got no other choice,” DOES NOT HOLD WATER!  Not with me.  Not in America.  I know what happens in this country.  There are people that wanna help.  Let them help you!!
Let them help you do something that’s right!  Let them help you find a home for your baby!  Let them help you find a job!  Let them help you find a way to do something that’s right instead of doing something that’s wrong.
And THIS is wrong!  THIS is wrong!  (Pointing to the fetal porn)   Turn from your wickedness and turn from your sins today.  Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  And if you don’t…

Ok, it’s kind of repetitive, but worth it for the line “…so you can live the gangster rap life.”  Really, Chad?   That’s classic.

Unfortunately, I didn’t capture the part where he says “there are no intellectual arguments that support evolution…” and “…there are no scientific facts that supports feminism, evolution or abortion. They are all sins against god.”  No intellectual arguments – no scientific facts- good grief.

We do have a longer video of him and other things going on at the same time that gives a really good picture of what it’s like in front of the clinic, but it’s tough to transcribe.  I may work on it though.  It’s such a lovely cacophony – Chad and another preacher both preaching at the same time, and red-jacket guy wandering over to some young escorts to talk ask if they “want to delight a thousand angels…”  Yeah, I may have to work on it.

But I post this today to highlight the privilege and the arrogance that the antis bring to the sidewalk.  I think Chad says it all when he proclaims that “your excuses DON’T HOLD WATER.”  You need to know that your “excuses” for your life decisions don’t hold water with Chad.

Doesn’t that kind of say it all?

15 thoughts on “Have Soapbox, Will Preach

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    • Yeah, I think there is here too, Kittybrat. We probably should have tried to do something about that – I didn’t think of it at the time. Plus, I hesitate to pursue something like that in case it turns out he’s gotten a permit, like they do for the Father’s Day parade to the clinic. Good thought though. Thanks!

      • Actually, we have asked the police about this before a couple of times. The amplifiers are allowed. A resident of the neighborhood has to complain about the noise before the LMPD can take action. The problem is the area is all businesses and there are no residents to complain. The closest apartment is a couple of blocks away. There is no noise ordinance that helps us or the clients.

  2. Ah Chad…where are you with your impassioned speeches when we need you the most, before pregnancy happens? I agree with you: This does not need to be done. Not in this country today. We have the capability of making abortion safe, legal, and rare, and we’re not taking advantage of it.

    Fetal porn pictures have never bothered me. Even if every single one of them was fully verified honest-to-Buddha factual result of abortion, it still doesn’t bother me. What do you expect fetuses to look like?

    We don’t need to do this, Chad. We’re on the same side. You want to stop abortion. I want to stop abortion. We can do it without oppressing or killing anybody. Let’s get off the sidewalk together and see what we actually CAN do.

  3. So I still have options with a not so cute, cuddly, or well behaved 13 year old white male child???

    I have not had anyone offer to help me. I’ve begged for help from various agencies/sources. I’ve been told, “we have no funding”, “we can’t do anything until it gets worse”, “”you are over the income limit by $15”, “you are not in the minority group we target”.

    You name it. I’ve heard it all, except, “We’re here to help you before things hit rock bottom.”

    I don’t buy that BS about there being groups out there willing to help. And neither should anyone else.
    Having kids has made my life miserable. I rather a disobedient dog over a disobedient child any day. I’d rather have a ruined carpet than a ruined life.

    Or the other option is the “Biblical Way”.
    Deuteronomy 21:18-22 I can take him to the edge of town and have him stoned to death by city elders.

    They can quote the bible to me all they want, I can read it too.I just don’t skip/gloss over the not so nice parts.

    I’m still waiting for my help. If this pavement pundit wants to ACTUALLY help a real life. And not just be a pro birth big mouth. I’ll create an email account so he can contact me and we’ll see how far actions go beyond his sidewalk shenanigans.

    • Um, no, Tired Mother of Three, I think once they’re born you’re on your own. I’m voting against the Biblical “take him to the city elders to be stoned..” but I also don’t think that Chad is going to email you to help either. (You can, however, email me if you’re even halfway serious in this note – don’t know if I can help, but might be able to suggest something).

      If the people on the sidewalk protesting people’s life decision put that energy into doing something really helpful, they could make a real difference. Plus, if they did that, those of us escorting could put our energy somewhere else too, and that would help make a difference.

      Thank you for commenting!

  4. I know y’all can’t really do it, but I have a hilarious picture in my head of people in orange vests lecturing screaming preachers about knowing the “real” hazards constant preaching while rambling off a bunch of scary, inaccurate statistics. I see other people stalking the stalkers, telling them they don’t have to do this, they don’t have live with their compulsive behavior, they just need to pray. Finally, pass out literature related to all the nasty germs going around. I have pretty wicked looking photos of viruses up close. We could also list ALL the bad things that happen with the flu and follow it up with a whopper that happened “to a friend” I think my next short story will be about this idea!

  5. Somebody should start distributing literature about the risk of hearing damage from being exposed to loud noise for extended periods. The fetus porn wouldn’t bother me because I saw much better special effects at haunted houses this year. The noise though would drive me mad or at least give me a migraine.

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