I Rally for Reproductive Rights Because…

We have written about the Kentucky Road Rally for Reproductive Rights this coming Saturday, November 2, a couple of times this past month. We are excited that so many groups are coming together to make Kentucky voices heard.

Fml wrote an article last week that details the four key points of reproductive rights the ralliers want to focus on with speeches, stories, signs and our presence in Frankfort. They are:

  1. Comprehensive Sex Education

  2. Contraception Access

  3. Access to Abortion Services

  4. Family Support Services

As part of the preparation for the rally, there have been photos made of supporters holding a white board. The beginning statement of the white board is “I rally for reproductive rights because…” and the person being photographed completes the sentence in their own words. You can see them here

They are powerful statements and I wish I could have added my photo to those gathered. A concise ending to the sentence escaped me every time I tried to compose one. My problem was I couldn’t focus on just one of the four points that was more important to me, or distill the experience of a lifetime into one sentence.

Of course, I am making it more difficult than it needs to be. I could have used four white boards. However, I have found myself thinking about the four points more and more as we approach the rally date. All four points have and do touch my life in many ways.

You would think because I escort that point 3 would be the natural point for me to write a statement. Then I think about point 4 and the need for family support for parents of children already here. Then I think about point 1 and what I want for my friends and family members. Then I think about point 2 and how it relates to point 3. Then I think about point 4…and the circle goes around in my mind.

In the end, I decided to support all of the statements others have written.

How would you complete your white board? What is your main focus? (Send your own white board photos via email to info@kyroadrally.org)


We are standing up for reproductive rights on November 2. Are you coming with us?

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/KyRoadRally

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/158610191007342/

Website: http://kyroadrally.org/

3 thoughts on “I Rally for Reproductive Rights Because…

  1. I Rally for Reproductive Rights Because…

    I am tired of telling my story to help end the stigma!

    It’s my story and my husband and I ‘s reproductive history but I don’t even feel like it belongs to us any more, it belongs to the movement. I am tired of people I don’t know picking apart the reasons I had my abortion and being told my careful and thoughtful reasons for it aren’t good enough according to them, complete strangers. I’m tried of explaining about our birth control methods and how it failed, I am tired of being told I should have taken the pregnancy to term anyway – (if I hear ‘it was meant to be’ one more time, my head will explode). I am simply tired of explaining and having other people’s noses in my business. I am tired of feeling like I keep giving my story to the cause but I receive nothing back, the ‘glory’ all goes to the cause.

    Something like this – http://jezebel.com/5924605/why-i-wont-come-out-about-my-abortion

    I will do tons for our cause but I’m burnt out of sharing my story.

    • Oubli,

      I can understand and respect that entirely. You do tons for the cause, including sharing your story, but it is your story and you determine when enough is enough.

      Thank you, as always,

    • Nobody should have to justify terminating a pregnancy just like nobody should have to justify parenting or giving a child up for adoption. That said, thank you for using your story to help the cause for reproductive rights. My fingers are crossed that some day women can go the doctor without having to justify why they are there or running through a block of people challenging their right to be there for whatever reason.

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