Sidewalk Snippet ~ {10/28/13}

The doors weren’t open yet when escorts by the door were approached by a man coming from AWC. We hadn’t seen him on the sidewalk before, but he was very polite and said, “I work for AWC and I just wanted to know about you escorts. Why are you here?”

My response was, “I do not talk to protesters. If you want to find out about escorts ask D or read our blog at We explain why we are here there.” “But I am not protesting, I just want to understand.” I pointed out D and repeated my statement about the blog.

He did wander over and talk to D for a few minutes. Then he approached an escort further down the sidewalk who hadn’t heard the exchange between us. We watched a minute while he was talking to the escort, then I approached them.

“This gentleman works for AWC and is trying to find out why we are here. I have directed him to our blog.”

The escort responded, “I suspected as much, but he didn’t tell me he was with AWC.” The conversation between them after that was very short.

Misrepresenting himself to an escort isn’t the end of the world, but it is indicative of a particular mindset that the antis learn very fast to just lie to get what they want.


We are standing up for reproductive rights on November 2. That’s this Saturday! Are you coming with us?

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6 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {10/28/13}

  1. I am just curious, why did you choose not to give an answer to him? Is it because you are afraid you will be misrepresented?

    Other than this post, I have been reading and ‘enjoy’ (well, more like react in shock and shake my head over the crazy things that the protestors do) this blog for quite some time now. You guys are much stronger than I could ever be in your shoes, and I am certain you have helped many women who may not have the strength to deal with this nonsense carry on with whatever decision they have decided for their lives.

    • untiedshoes90,

      I chose not to answer him because in my experience, “Why are you here?” is always a lead in to a discussion about how I am wrong to support abortion access. My personal policy is not to engage with the antis if it can be avoided at all. They will misrepresent, as you speculated, but they also don’t listen. Normal conversation openers anywhere except the sidewalk are usually doorways to provide them with a platform to expound their views. Sometimes that leads to confrontation between an escort and an anti. But the main reason I don’t talk to the antis is that it is confusing to the clients. If we are friendly and talking to the people out there harassing them, it could give the impression we don’t mind antis being there. After all, we are all strangers to the clients and companions. It is important to me not to blur the lines. We appreciate you reading our blog and your kind words.

      Thank you,

  2. They view their lies as an acceptable means to an end. Telling them that the means are the end confuses them. It is how we live our lives, the means, that is important. Keep up the good work!

    • Bob Ray,

      “it is how we live our lives, the means, that is important.” I couldn’t agree with you more. If you have to use deception and lies to obtain your goals, you’ve already lost.


  3. We learned about the lies early on in our journey. Last year a man who was video taping us and the antis came up to P and told her he was a reporter for X television station and was doing an unbiased video about the activities at the clinic and wanted to “interview” her. Since we were relatively new at this she gave him his “interview.” I later asked if she had seen his credentials. Being a rather trusting person, she had taken him at face value but did then ask to see his credentials. He showed her some type of business card and we very soon learned that this individual actually worked for a TV/Radio station in a nearby town that is owned by our arch nemises in our fight. That was the last time we trusted anybody that we didn’t know. We now suspect anybody that we don’t know until they prove us wrong.

    • Josie,

      Some days it feels like everyone is carrying a camera and asking for interviews. We are not so trusting either. The thing that got me about this particular guy was he told the truth at first. That didn’t get him what he wanted, so he walked a few feet down the sidewalk and lied to get what he wanted.


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