Sidewalk Snippet ~ {10/21/13}

We frequently see clients and companions respond to the words spoken by the antis. Sometimes they respond with politeness to the questions the antis ask them. Sometimes they respond with their own biblical quotes to counter what the anti is saying. Sometimes they respond with well-thought out responses for the questions the antis bring up. Sometimes they respond with emotional pleas to just listen to them. Sometimes they respond with anger. Sometimes they respond with tears. Sometimes they respond with sarcasm. Frequently, it is a combination of several of these approaches.

One morning we had a client who responded with all of these approaches. The client had been to the clinic earlier in the week and heard all of the things the antis normally say. D particularly gave them a hard time. This time they had thought about their responses and were ready and eager to confront the antis, especially D.

The client and their companions arrived about 30 minutes before the doors of the clinic opened. They went immediately to the door because the client wanted to talk to D. The next 30 minutes in front of the clinic were confrontational, chaotic, sad and upsetting. Some of the words and actions of the client were purposely shocking even to escorts. After all, she had a couple of days to think about what they had said to her before. The client’s words and actions served the purpose of causing all but one anti to back away from her and leave her alone. D retreated early, but was still talking about it to other antis 3 days afterwards.

Two things stand out in my mind from the morning.

One was the client’s response to, “Have you considered adoption?” The reply was, “What? Do you want me to spend the rest of my life asking every child I pass on the street, “Are you my baby? Are you?” I don’t think so.”

The other thing that stands out was the waves of hurt and anger in equal parts coming from the client. She was vocal about being angry and hurt for being judged and shamed by the antis without knowing her or her story.

An escort spoke to her after she went into the clinic to make sure she was okay. She was pleased she was able to speak up for herself, but was still upset the antis even thought they had a right to question her and her decision, let alone film her as she waited by the door. The escort explained the policy of public sidewalks and filming, but it still isn’t right to invade her privacy so completely.

I’ll be thinking about this client for a long time.


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11 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {10/21/13}

    • rogeliotavera,

      There are antis out every day taking photographs or videos of the clients and companions. One anti does it so much we call him Camera Joe. He was filming the client that day. It is legal. We have asked numerous times. It is a public sidewalk and you do not have to get permission to film people in public areas. I imagine if you were going to use it for commercial purposes, you would need releases signed. The only uses the antis put these photos and video to is intimidation, harassment and shaming tools.


      • i know that some people do such things.

        but it never fails to shock me when i hear of new instances of it.

        i am not young and i have been around, but still when someone reaches to attain a certain height in their sleaze, i am taken aback.

      • rogelio,

        We hear so many hurtful things said to clients on the sidewalk. Many of the things said are just brutal. After so long escorting there are only a few times I am shocked any more, but I am always disappointed that people can be so cruel to others. This client found her voice to fight back.


    • Oubli,

      It was interesting, but we try not to photograph or film any clients. I believe it did make her feel better.


      • I had only wished that someone had caught the protestors that assaulted me with pamphlets and prayers outside of my Planned Parenthood on video (and the results of said assault, the police were called etc). I guess my feelings are if I wouldn’t have minded being videoed that others wouldn’t mind also. I do understand wanting to grant these women privacy though but it does leave the video documentation rather skewed and one sided (it’s only of protestors). Rare is the video of citizens standing up to the abusive protestors.

      • Oubli,

        I hear what you are saying, but rarely have I heard a client say they aren’t intimidated by the cameras on the sidewalk. We do get some pretty good videos of the interactions between antis and escorts from time to time. It has been invaluable documentation of the harassment and physical intimidation/pushing/shoving, etc. You have given me food for thought, as usual. The next time we have a client standing up to the antis, I will ask them if they mind if we film or audio tape the exchange. There have been some confrontations in the past that were with some very empowered clients and companions. So, you have set me a new goal.

        Thanks, as always,

  1. I’m glad she stood up for herself and actually made the anti’s back off. That’s quite a feat! It takes a LOT to get through those thick skulls of theirs.

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