Saturday on the Sidewalk

Eighty protesters this week.  Most of the regulars were there, and about 25 extras from Kentucky Mountain Bible College.     The Bible college folks broke into two groups.  Half of them  stayed down at the end of the gauntlet, where one dark haired woman in particular pleaded with clients, companions and escorts alike to “please read this, just read this, please,” thrusting the pamphlet at us as we passed by.

The other half of the Bible College folks lined up in front of AWC, the anti-clinic next door to the abortion clinic.  That positions them right where the clients will see them if they come that way rather than walking the gauntlet.  This group of antis also sang, mostly Amazing Grace, which makes it a challenge for some of us not to sing along.

The best part of the Mountain College people being there is at the end when they line up to display their fetal porn in front of the windows of the clinic.  I couldn’t even get them all in my picture, but here’s some of them


That’s Angela preaching at the windows.  The good news is that the people inside can’t hear her, and the blinds are closed so they can’t see the posters.

But that’s nothing really new.  *New* this week is a preacher/chaser we’re calling Reboot, for reasons that don’t need to be shared here.  He showed up after the morning was already under way and made up for lost time by being as loud as Screaming Preacher, and just as aggressive.

. Here he is:

{For those of you who can’t watch video, he says:

Anybody who has anything to do with things like this, It’s murder, you’re, you’re you’re , you’re just as guilty just as guilty as the doctor, Dr. Kevorkian, you’re a doctor

Tim (another anti – talking to Reboot):  We pray for the mentally challenged too.

Reboot (to the escorts) you’re doing Satan’s work, I rebuke that evil. in the name of Jesus I rebuke that evil, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

You can hear Angela preaching in the background about her own abortions: “… It was legal but it wasn’t ok…”

Reboot:  And I pray that the power of God works and shakes this place, that these doors get shut today cause that’s what God wants, God doesn’t want this place open.

Angela:  In your heart – I’m praying your heart will be turned, I hope God will turn your heart In Jesus name

Reboot:  …anybody that has anything to do a with murder, you are a component of murder you ~ are ~ a murderer in God’s eyes. which makes you guilty before God.         And  you need to repent. if you advocate abortion you’re advocating murder and you’ve got a murderous spirtit.  And you’re deceived by Satan.

Angela:  You can place your baby for adoption, you can place your baby for adoption.

Reboot:  (to another escort who was videotaping him}  Ma’am I’d appreciate if you don’t do that.  You’re violating my preaching.

Escort:  No, no…

Reboot:  I’m on my line, you can stay over there, but I’d appreciate if you didn’t put that camera in my face.  Thank you.

The very end makes me laugh – the change in his tone from  the wrath of God ~ you ~ are ~ a murderer ~ to the mild-mannered, slightly aggrieved complaint that he feels “violated” by a camera   I mean, really???

But that’s not actually funny.

I think he freaked us out a little bit – well, he freaked me out a little bit anyhow, calling me a murderer. And before I started taping, he was saying God believes murderers shoudl be executed, so yikes.  That’s why I started videotaping, and a couple of other escorts did too.

While I’m discretely doing some more video of Reboot praying for God to shut the doors of the clinic and “make this place crumble,” a woman comes out of the clinic and heads toward her car.  A couple of escorts accompany her.

In a flash, Reboot decides to chase her.  I decide it’s a great time to do some video without jeopardizing the confidentiality of the client.   So here we go:

I really can not do this justice in a transcript – his voice tones go from fairly soft to so loud they about burst your eardrums.  But here we go.

(rustling footsteps walking though leaves as I try to catch up with them… and really poor video of the ground…)
Reboot:  “ma’am, ma’am”
Escort:  Don’t touch her, don’t touch her.
( Reboot pushes his way in front of the escort.) I’m trying to to talk to her!  No, you can’t prevent me from touching her – from talking to her.
(He pushes the escort out of the way so that the escort has to go around the other side of the bush.)
Reboot:  I’m not touching her!  Ma’am are you ok?  Are you ok, ma’am?
(To the escort) You can’t touch me  Quit touching me!
Escort:  You’re – you keep walking into me ~
Reboot:  I’m going to call the police on you.
Escort:  you’re walking into me
Reboot:  Yeah, I’m trying to talk to her.
Reboot (to the escort) IN THE NAME OF JESUS, GET OUT OF HERE!
Reboot:  Ma’am, Ma’sm in Jesus’ name, in Jesus’ name listen to me, Jesus loves you God loves you you didn’t have to do that, but you can repent you can get saved GOD LOVES YOU, JESUS LOVES YOU, a murder was just committed Jesus loves you God loves you, you can get saved He’ll forgive you God will forgive you God didn’t want you to do that, but you can repent, Jeus loves you  A murder was just committed  God will forgive you  You got to repent.  In the name of Jesus… it’s not ok in the eyes of God  christ loves you, Christ loves you
(car door slams, engine starts.)

As the woman leaves, the new guy turns and heads away.  The escorts pause, another car has pulled into the lot.  A woman with a hoodie pulled up around her face, wearing sunglasses, gets out of the car, a young man hops out with her.

Reboot realizes what’s happening, and starts back toward us.

My camera is already ready, so as he approaches, i start taping.  Here’s what happens:

He says:

You can take my picture, you can take my picture all you want to, it ain’t gonna do you any good, I got the power of God on me.

And he turns and walks away!

Yep.  Turns and walks away.

Ok, he goes back out front and starts “preaching” again, which is unfortunate, but he leaves the client in the parking lot alone,  So I guess taking pictures did “do some good.”

As I was finishing this post, my partner asked me how I thought the antis feel about having videos of them posted.  He wanted to know if I thought they got a big kick out of seeing themselves on the blog.  So I had to stop and think.

Of course, I don’t know if they do or not.  They act like they don’t, but I guess there could be some pleasure they get from it.  But I don’t guess it matters.   If it “encourages” them, it’s only one drop in the bucket of their motivation for what they do.  It’s not like they’re doing it because they want to be featured in my blog post.

The antis sometimes act like we’re not *supposed to* videotape them, but they’re on a public sidewalk, interacting with the public ~ there’s no law against taking their picture or videotaping them,   Someone asked me once if it was “necessary” to video them – and no, of course it’s not necessary to do it.   But it’s the best way I know to show what it’s like on the sidewalk.  So this is what it was like last Saturday.

44 thoughts on “Saturday on the Sidewalk

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  3. Could the clinic just put a poster up, with the words “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” I’m sure they’d miss the point though and start gathering rocks…

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  5. Is it possible to get the worst of them on charges like stalking for following women after being told to go away? Do they have to have permits for a gathering that large? Can they be fined for littering if all their crap ends up on the sidewalk?

    • Dear KyBorn – I wish it were! Theoretically, they could be charged with stalking or harassment, but that would be a real hassle for the person who charges them, and probably not benefit much. They don’t need a permit for what we usualy get. And they don’t usually litter. So no. No such luck.

  6. Next time I want to see Reboot’s face during his rants. I’d sing “I am woman hear me roar” for the first. If I were there during the exorcism I’d sing a nonsense children’ rhyming song like “Ring around the rosies, Pocketful of posies”

    • It would be satisfying to sing or chant back at him, wouldn’t it? We don’t actually do that – it’s not on our list of “de-escalating tactics” but it sure would be fun…

      • Of course, de-escalation is the goal. At our clinic, the clients’ appointments are staggered, so there is some bit of time between when they go in and when they come out. The Antis are there when they come out, too, except they usually go home at noon.
        When the 40 days for life folks do their “life chain”, I make sure that, when there are no clients to escort, I find the people who brought their little children. In my best children’s programming sing-songy voice, I chant, “A baby’s not a baby till it comes out, that’s what birthdays are all about!” over and over. The parents are livid, but they remove their kids. They hate that, because I know that that rhyme sticks in the child’s head, and so do the parents know this! 🙂

  7. At our clinic in Huntsville, AL., the protestors have a video camera set up right across the street from the driveway. It is a violatin of the FACE act if they do anything with the information that they get from this. After the crazy first(for us)40 days of life, we decided that we needed to video everything, and do…mostly. They don’t like the tables being turned. We also chant over the folks who approach the patients so that the patients don’t have to hear what the crazies are saying. These people are relentless, but with the help of the PD and the FBI, they are a lot calmer now. WE took the fun out of it for them.

    • Hi, Dr. Ah,

      Thanks for commenting! Anti’s with a video camera can be pretty intimidating for clients, even if they can’t do anything with the film. I’m glad you’re keeping your own records! I’m glad the protesters have settled down in Huntsville, and that your PD has been helpful. Nice.

      Thanks again!

  8. It amuses me greatly when protesters whine about us videotaping them when they have NO problem videotaping the rest of us as well as doc dropping in hopes some especially psychotic member of their ranks “does something” about us.

    As for Reboot, he’s just merrily sinning his way right into Hell along with the rest of these people according to their own doctrine. It’s repeated over and over again in the Bible in both the Old and New Testament, and the words are not minced: If you pass judgement on others and speak for Him when you do not have the authority to do so, you are Hell bound. Using the Word to try to cover this up is just bucking for an extra poker in the butt.

    The most I can possibly find anti’s is noisy and annoying. They fail at morality, they fail at saving the unborn, they fail to get their message across, and they even fail at their own religion. NO god would want this street circus of pathetic representing Them.

    • I know, Longtail, they have no concept of the idea that rules for life work both ways, not just in their favor. So they know that the non-judgement thing doesn’t apply to {gasp} ABORTION! Or to them. *Their* judgements are righteous.

      Your last paragraph is so powerfully true. They do fail at all of those things, and they are poor representatives of their god.

      Thanks for your insight and perspective.

  9. You MUST videotape them and share. It only helps our cause. When people see this craziness, the anti-abortionists always lose support. In their little crazy group they may enjoy it, but it appalls normal people, especially religious moderates. These need to be more widely circulated. Pass it on to the FBI, also.

    • I think you’re right, Rosiland. Most religious people wouldn’t act like this and are embarrassed when other “Christians” do. Thanks for the support!

  10. No person should ever go through this to access a legal medical procedure. NO PERSON! I hate this.
    Good on ya for getting great footage, and DAMMIT, these people really piss me off. How dare they?

    • I agree, Kittybrat, it’s ridiculous, isn’t it. Thanks for the kind words on the video – getting it was painless compared to having to listen to it over and over to do the transcript1

      • ha, no doubt! We have someone at our clinic we call “the lord thy god lady” because she’s screaming “the Lord thy God says..” and then she fills in the blank with whatever vitriol she chooses to spew at the clients. OVER and OVER and OVER, among too many others.
        Then there’s Mike Tice, who is one of the Jericho Riders:


  11. Videos like these are just the type of thing that the Supreme Court needs to see before they make their decision on whether or not buffer zones violates the anti-choicers 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech.

    • I agree, Oubli. It’s heartwarming to know that it was a video like this that kept our legislature from passing more restrictive laws about access – how cool is that?

  12. Thank you for helping these women. I would have been scarred for life by this new asshole whose abusive behavior could never be seen as “God’s work”. If only they could understand that if Jesus picked a side, he would be wearing a vest n Saturday mornings.

    • Thank you for commenting, Mendy. I agree with you – but I’m pretty sure the antis couldn’t imagine Jesus in an orange vest any better than I can imagine climate change not being true, and a seven day creation of the world. I think what happens on the sidewalk is such a profound demonstration of the divide between world views in our country. But for sure I agree with you.

      Thanks for the support!

    • Dear Concerned Citizen,

      Yes, Ma’am or Sir, that is actually one of the risk factors for a less positive outcome post abortion. No kidding.

  13. I do find it mildly amusing that they are trotting out the new fetal porn right before Halloween. I am glad these people have money for photoshopped signs because there is no better use for that money. I am sure the CPC is staying open extra hours to help people with needs after the flood, with WIC funding running out and another possible crash in the economy. Wow, I can’t even type that without laughing.

    • Hey, Kyborn,

      I know, right? They are some scary posters. And really, you know the CPC only cares about the.preborn. Once we’re breathing, we’re out of their realm of concern.

      Thanks for commenting, and for the support!

  14. I’d say let them see all the cameras, it could deter a lot of potential violence if they think it will catch them in the act and be evidence against them in a court of law. Tape them, all their “righteous” faces. Wish I could escort, did it once with you guys but my disabilities in movement unfortunately have made me more hindrance than help. Keep doing great work! These women need all of you.

    • Thank you Dana. I think you could be right, if we’re taping at the right time and from the right angle. I’m sorry you feel like you can’t come back – you know you’re welcome to. Hope to see you at the Road Rally on November 2nd! Thanks again for the support.

  15. Oh no, not another one! These guys kill me, arrogance, ignorance, privilege, hypocrisy, all wrapped into one fat, sweat-shop woven package.

    Great capture of the scene, fml. Good job T & T for not wiping up the alley with this clown and dumping him in the dumpster.

    Have we sent his information to the clinic and legal rep.? His threats may be enough to get a visit from Justice.

    As to their seeing this and their take: They think it odd that we see this as harassment when “all they are doing is sharing the love of Jesus.” eww, I need another shower now…

    • kescort,

      Videos, still photos,identification information and descriptions of the actions of Reboot have been sent to the clinic and the legal adviser.


    • Hey, Kescort –

      I know, another new one is all we need, right? Thanks for the kind words on the post, and I had a similar thought about the restraint of the escorts he was “exorcising!” You know, we should start some kind of *Escort Award* for showing above and beyond the typical restraint with protesters…

      And I agree, I think that they see this as a Christian thing to do. Makes me sad…

  16. There’s a crazy lady who is a sidewalk protestor who keeps a blog about it – ALL IN CAPS – and she videotapes people. Says it’s for her legal protection and for evidence if things get violent. Which is probably actually good advice for you, rather than her.

    I can’t imagine these people will get some kind of joy or encouragement out of seeing their behaviour on this blog. They come across like muppets. I’m sure God in His heaven is watching His representatives through his fingers.

    • Oh, Bodycrimes, that sounds like a GREAT BLOG!! I can only imagine. And of course there are plenty of times that Camera Joe and I are taking pictures of each other taking pictures.

      Like you, I can’t imagine them enjoying seeing themselves on video, and I imagine God cringes.

      Thanks for the support, as always!!

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