Sidewalk Snippet ~ {10/7/13}

There has been an anti coming out for a couple of months now. She rarely says anything and stays beside D the whole time she is out. We started to call her Trainee because she seems to be learning from D how to harass clients and their companions. One day recently, she found her voice.

The sentences below were said and then there was a pause before another sentence was said. She is close to D’s messages, but seems to need just a little more training to perfectly mimic D. I’m sure with practice with talking at strangers, these statements will smooth out and she will sound like every other anti on the sidewalk.

“No one deserves to die without a say.”

“This is a very, very serious thing.”

“”This is a gruesome, gruesome thing.”

“They purposely won’t show you the ultrasound.”

“Go to YouTube and look up former abortion providers. Read their stories.”

“You can use Google to find out about women who regret their abortion. Read about it.”

“You have choice here. It’s not locked in stone. At least that’s what they say.”

Until she is fully trained, she provides a relief to us from listening to the same things said in the same way by every anti.


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12 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {10/7/13}

  1. I laughed at this post and then realized that while the statements are funny, the idea that people are training others in the art of harassment isn’t funny at all. The more I read from your blog, the more angry I get. Do these people even realize that WIC funding won’t last the month and all those promises of assistance that the CPC promise to “refer” women to will remain unfunded if the House continues to hold the government hostage because they want to obstruct a law passed, signed and upheld by the Supreme Court? They are not “pro” anything other than themselves. I like to think that at least most of these sidewalk idiots are people who have never wondered where the next months rent or the next meal is coming from. I have never had to worry about these things either but at least managed to recognize a lot of people do. That said, I don’t care WHY a woman chooses abortion. Neither I, the Pope or any of the protesters get to make that decision. The only person who chooses in the end is the woman who is pregnant, and unfortunately, sometimes they don’t get to due to economic factors.

    • KyBorn,

      The reason we nicknamed her Trainee originally is because we were offended by the “on the job” training aspect we see frequently. I think the vast majority of the antis we see out on the sidewalk have no idea what it is to work multiple jobs to try to make ends meet; to use this month’s rent to pay for an abortion because you cannot support the children you already have. They are living in an alternate reality from the one I live in. The situation with WIC funding is something I worry about a lot. We have been posting on FB places in Louisville where children can get free food. However, I am worried the food pantries and shelters are going to run out of donations before the government starts back up again. There is a whole lot of truth to the saying that pro-life individuals only believe in protecting the pre-born. After you are here, you are on your own. WWJD indeed.

      Thanks as always,

      • WWJD indeed! Funny how the Bible has a long passage about praying in public to get attention but nobody ever quotes that.

      • I’m throwing a Halloween party in a couple weeks where part of attendance is going to be you have to bring at least one item of non-perishable food to donate to our local food pantry which is dying for donations right now.

      • Longtail,

        It is the same story all across the country. We had flooding here over the weekend and one of the hardest hit apartment buildings was a HUD building. The residents were evacuated, but they cannot move back in until the HUD inspectors say it is ok. Guess what? HUD is closed because of the government shutdown. The community is pulling together to get them temporary housing, but how awful. The more economically challenged you are, the impact has been immediate and worse with this shutdown. Hope your party is a huge success and you collect a lot of food.


  2. Every one of those lines once again comes from this presumptive idea that the clients have NOT even thought of any of these things.

    You’d think that would be an easy leap of logic to make. You’re sitting in a doctor’s office or holding a positive pregnancy test and you’re frightened. What’s the FIRST thing you’re going to do?

    They can’t even do that much. And of course, the idea of asking us what’s going on in our lives doesn’t occur to them with that attitude. They just think they have all the answers to unasked questions.

    So long as they refuse to talk to us as human beings, they will never have an impact. I’m sorry this new chick is just getting an education on how to waste her time.

    • Longtail,

      Don’t get me wrong. I wish she would give up and go home instead of perfecting her words to harass. You are right. They believe they have all of the answers and no one has ever thought about alternatives to abortion, or even researched long and hard before reaching their decision. You have pinpointed it: “so long as they refuse to talk to us as human beings, they will never have an impact.” I don’t know how many times I have heard an anti say, “Have you thought about adoption?” or just “It s only 9 months of inconvenience,” and have the clients answer patiently with the reasons adoption isn’t an option for them or personal health reasons why they cannot carry to term. The antis just ignore their answers and fire another answer to a question nobody asked. Clients aren’t humans in their eyes. They are incubators. The only consolation prize in this whole mess is we can tell the clients, “The antis all say the same things to every client, every day. They won’t listen to your answers. Just ignore them.” It seems to be easier for a client to ignore their words when they realize it is a script.

      Thanks as always,

      • I would never get you wrong on that. 🙂

        I forgot who among you said it, but I think the best analogy I’ve ever heard here about the gauntlet here on this blog is to think of it like walking through a haunted house. Lots of noise and things popping up next to you, but nothing there is going to hurt you. That is such a brilliant way to think of it.

      • Longtail,

        I love that description too. One of the escorts came up with it on the sidewalk and we have all mimicked them because it is so quick and easy to explain to clients what to expect. I am pretty sure fml included it in an article once because we all agree it is brilliant.


  3. Reminds me of the young newbie this past Saturday who was trying her gosh-darn hardest to say the right thing to her captive audience (client under the awning just past the property line). She gave the impression that she had memorized her talking points, rehearsed, practiced…and was caught up in the moment of having her chance. For just a brief few seconds the super loud male protesters weren’t talking and it was just her – her moment to shine!

    …and then just stumbled over every freaking word when the moment came. I almost wanted to reach out and pat her shoulder and say, “Good try!”. Instead I just tried not to laugh at her.

  4. Maybe you could help her out – have you thought about handing out a ‘how to be an anti’ primer? Just so you don’t have to put up with irritating attempts to learn the ropes.

    • bodycrimes,

      The funny (not so funny) thing is, all of the escorts could produce a script for her since they all say the same things over and over and over again every day. Actually, it is amusing to me to listen to her try to get it right. She does have the quavering, sad voice down pat so she will get it perfected soon.

      Thanks as always,

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