What We “Know”

We all “know” so much, don’t we?

I “know” that my son needs to eat his vegetables.

He “knows” that he ONLY likes broccoli, and will do just fine subsisting on mac’n’cheese and spaghettios.

When someone says, “Oh, I know she is going to regret that tattoo,” or “I just know that he needs to do X instead of Y,” that person is making assumptions about how someone else should live his life, based on her own worldview, her own preferences and prejudices. The speaker absolutely has the right to think that tattoos are foolhardy. She has a right to her opinion about any manner of things.

What the speaker does not have a right to do is to interfere with others based upon her own sweeping assumptions about how we all need to live our lives. The speaker has no right to impose restrictions about our decisions, based upon her own, individual worldview.

Many antis “know” the clients’ situations. They “know” how much the clients will regret this decision. It’s amazing how much they can “know” about people they don’t actually know.

A few weeks ago, the antis were calling out to a male companion entering the clinic to “be a man” and “stand up for your child.” What the antis didn’t know is that the male companion was the client’s brother. The antis make assumptions based upon what they “know,” and then expect the rest of us to fall into their neat and orderly little boxes.

I “know” that it is none of the antis business what the clients’ individual situation is. I also “know” that I know nothing more about these clients than do the antis. I just happen to not make the arrogant assumption that I “know” more than I do. That’s the distinction between the antis and the escorts.

Maybe it would behoove the antis to realize that, in fact, we all “know” very little about what is good for another person.

Except about the vegetables. Kiddo definitely needs to eat his vegetables.

12 thoughts on “What We “Know”

  1. I see the clinic escorts every weekday morning, in what I can only term as more serene moments during their day. I had no idea that the clinic came under more forceful protest on the weekend. Thank you for this blog, it’s opened my eyes a little wider to the important and necessary work you do. I never say anything than good morning during the week and I could never do that work- I’d have a hard time staying dispassionate- but know that you have another supporter.

    I wonder and maybe this has been answered before, but what are the options for a buffer zone law? Could this be a local council measure or would it need a state-level act? I guess that locally would be much easier, if possible.

  2. LOL, ditto about the veg. My kiddo would be exceedingly happy if she didn’t have to eat her veg and could subsist on chocolate and cheerios alone.

    I’m sure they also know that we pro-choices also hate children, even tho many of us who support the cause are mothers, fathers and grandparents.

    • Yes, we all hate children, it’s true. We also like to drown puppies in our spare time. But cats, well, cats we upvote on reddit. (Just don’t tell that to my dogs, the ones who sleep in the bed with me.)

      Thanks for reading, Oubli!

  3. You’re absolutely correct, as always. You know the old saying of “Assume makes an ass out of you and me.”

    Though really, it’s usually “Assume makes you look like an ass TO me.” These people would have done well as court jesters back in the day. I’m sure that guy was laughing like crazy later to his friends about them.

    Never underestimate how willing people are to look stupid just for a chance to open their mouths.

    • Longtail, I do wonder what was running through his mind. I don’t know anything about the situation except that he was the brother, but I have a vivid imagination and can imagine a fascinating conversation in the waiting room.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Beautifully written. They also know that every woman going into the clinic is pregnant and going there for an abortion. One of our antis is a priest who years ago was convicted of crimes against clinics and spent time in Federal prison. Whenever he is there and one particular clinic employee drivs in heyells, “If you are pregnant we can place that baby for adoption. “

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Josie. I wonder if the antis realize how creepy they are? Their behavior is just so far outside social norms. I am surprised that, having served time for violence against clinics, the priest you mention is not required to maintain a minimum, yet healthy, distance from clinics.

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