Keeping Score

We published an article last September titled “Myths About Escorts.” One of the myths we examined was the one where escorts keep score of clients entering EMW and celebrate a “win” when a client leaves AWC (the CPC) next door. I pointed out D is the one who carries a handheld tally counter daily.

Hand Tally Counter

It still isn’t a sport where points are won depending on the count of clients entering a particular building. Reproductive rights are not a game. The decisions people reach about a pregnancy will impact their lives and the lives of their families. Abortion is just one of the decisions clients may make about their healthcare. Escorts try to make access to abortion easier for clients, but we do not try to persuade anyone to make a decision based upon our beliefs. This is a concept the antis never seem to grasp.

One day last month a client and two companions entered the clinic without incident. Shortly after 8a they all came back out. They walked to their car parked close by at the curb, but before they could reach it the anti MW stopped them. Then we saw MW put her arm around the client and talk to her. They talked for a couple of minutes before all three walked back up the sidewalk and into AWC.

During the approach by the anti and the walk back into AWC, the escorts did not interfere. We just observed what was happening without comment. We respect the client’s right to have a conversation without interference.

We left for the day shortly after they entered AWC. When I got into my car D yelled into my closed window, “You lost one.” Her look was triumphant and volume was loud.

This always gets to me. D had just dehumanized the client by converting them into a score in a game only one side is playing. Her unspoken message I heard was, ‘you lost by one point.’ Even though D keeps a counter at hand to tick off the clients going into the clinic and keeps her own score, it still isn’t a game.

We don’t know why the client left the clinic and neither does D. Maybe their mind was not made up and they needed more time to think about their decision. Maybe they didn’t have all of the paperwork they needed. Maybe….maybe….the list could be long. Only the client knows why they left.

I am not sure why, even though D has witnessed similar scenes many times, she doesn’t realize yet it is all about choice for the escorts. We support any client in any decision they make about their pregnancy. The last thing any escort would want to do is coerce someone into doing something they are not sure about. We realize clients are capable of making their own decisions, including deciding who to talk to about their pregnancy.

We respect and support whatever decision they make.

12 thoughts on “Keeping Score

  1. They should get the Screaming Preacher to be the announcer for Fetus Football Saturdays.

    I just have to remember every time they open their mouths, they are hammering another nail in the coffins of their campaign.

    • Longtail,

      I hope you are right. The increased attention on CPCs and protesters this past year is encouraging. You can’t listen to Screaming Preacher and others and not realize they are there to bully.


    • Concerned Citizen,

      It is so offensive to me. The dehumanization of clients to a clicked number is symbolic of the way antis view women. They are only the vessel for a fetus.

      Thank you,

    • Not only offensive, it is just downright creepy! They talk about pro-choice folks seeing “children” as objects to be kept or discarded. This is not a county fair, for goodness sake. It doesn’t matter how many people go into what place. It matters whether or not they want to be there, and if they are there under honest pretenses.

  2. A client was waiting in my truck and I was standing in front of the truck door so Donna couldn’t spew her venom. Donna yelled at me, “Why are you so intent on having her abort that baby?!” My only intention is having the client do exactly as they choose. A friend of mine had to have an abortion years ago when her IUD failed. The baby would never have survived. Still, my friend grieves the loss. I would never want to sway the choice of anyone, let alone a stranger.

  3. Your blog is so sane. I should stop reading so many anti blogs. Read one yesterday about how you could convince a woman not to have an abortion. It was Manipulation 101, down to shunning them if they decided to go through an abortion.

  4. Beautifully stated. It is the difference of a mindset of respect vs coercion. If one is a black and white thinker, the nuance of choice is lost on them, which is why they have the audacity to do what they do.

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