When Counseling Doesn’t Work, Try Screaming

We write a lot about the “sidewalk counselors” who try to coerce women into the CPC next door to the abortion clinic. They push and shove their way to stand next to a client, reciting their scripts to convince a woman to  “Just take a minute and come next door to find out if you have a viable pregnancy.” “Have you thought about adoption?  Let us tell you about all of your choices instead of abortion.” “Have you gone to a real doctor to get a second opinion?”  “I’ll adopt your baby.” “You can still change your mind. Walk out of that place.” And the ever present, “Don’t kill your baby!”

Many of the antis follow the clients to the property line at the door of the clinic and then remain there shouting at the door and window their messages of harassment. Some of the antis just come to shout and preach at the entrance. Their messages are always filled with condemnation, accusations and attempts to shame clients and companions.

“Those of you who are born-again Christians, you need to come out of there right now,” is heard almost every day from one of them.

Sometimes the shouting is just so mean-spirited it catches all of our attentions. There is a man who comes several days during the week and every Saturday to shame. His messages are always full of judgment and are delivered at full volume. In fact, he shouts so much we have nicknamed him Screaming Preacher.

Screaming Preacher

His messages are always so hate-filled and judgmental, even other antis have moved away from him. One Saturday when the Catholics lined up on the opposite side of the street to pray, he turned his attention to them by shouting, “You don’t need idols to worship God. You are all idolaters and are sinners.” That resulted in a shouting match on the sidewalk between antis as to who of them were following the one “true’ religion.

This Saturday a client and companion arrived before the doors opened. They stood facing the clinic doors, but immediately got the attention of Screaming Preacher. As he started shouting at them, the companion put his arm around the client and escorts tried to shield the message as much as possible. We kept moving right in front of Screaming Preacher. When he didn’t have a direct line of sight to the client and companion, he would move over a little bit. Since that was further away from the entrance it helped, but it didn’t block his words.

This is a video of part of his speech to them. It shows only his feet because I was so close to him I would have had only a shot of his chin if I tried to get his face. This was while we were moving him down the property line.


or out of your stubbornness of your heart, continue doing what you know is wrong. You know it’s wrong. You know this is a baby. You know it is. That woman is pregnant with a child and you’re the cause of that. But today, the call for you to be a man to that child and a protector to that child is there before you. But will you do it, or would you let that child fall into a hole and walk on? ‘Not my problem.’ I tell you if you don’t turn today, that child will be in a worse place than a little hole. They will be cut to pieces and dumped into a dumpster; burned as medical waste. All because you wouldn’t turn the very

These are not words meant to convert. They are words meant to shock, hurt, and shame. “That woman” is how he refers to all women. The thing about the Screaming Preacher that disturbs me is how he preaches only his view of sin and no message of salvation. “You are all going to hell.” His god is a very unforgiving one.

Once in awhile an escort will try to distract him with conversation. He welcomes these attempts to talk to him with a speech about how we are evil and are going to answer for the murders we help commit. This Saturday one escort tried. When the escort moved away to the corner of the block, he continued to scream and point at them. It ended up with him screaming so loud and long that his voice started to break up with the strain.

I personally don’t find him amusing, or even interesting. To me he is just a scary fanatic.

15 thoughts on “When Counseling Doesn’t Work, Try Screaming

  1. I find it so very interesting that these screaming preachers proclaim to be Christian but act nothing like Christ did. Where is the love? All they scream about is hate and damnation. They say they are Christians, but they do not act it. Just another example of talking the talk but not walking the walk.

  2. Our “sidewalk preacher” last entertained us with a 27-minute rant through his bullhorn, preaching to the clinic where patients had left and all that was left was staff, doctor, and a few escorts. Amongst other things, he told the escorts that, “Your blood is not on my hands. I have told you the truth.” He has been absent for a couple of weeks. He has also stood on property adjoining the clinic yelling at the clinic with his hatred and also talking about the love his god has for all of us and for the doctors and staff, and imploring the women inside to come out and talk to them so they can help them. We have never seen anyone come out and take advantage of their offers.

    We had become a bit nervous by his absence from the clinic, wondering what he was up to. Well, we found ou this weekt. This year Alabama passed a TRAP law requiring that doctors at the clinics have admitting privileges to a local hospital. Well, the two doctors at our clinic happen to have admitting privileges to one of the local hospitals. Our Sidewalk Preacher, and one of the state senators supporting the bill, have decided to go after the hospital because they gave the doctors admitting privileges, threatening to picket the hospital. Yesterday they put flyers condemning the hospital on the windshields of cars in several parking lots at shopping centers. It was, of course, unsigned, but we know who was behind it. Our group is making plans to do what they can to assist the hospital while still protecting our clinic.

    The battle continues.

    • Josie,

      The battle does continue. I read about the protests at your hospital. They have proven TRAP laws aren’t about “safety” and it is all about control of others. The admitting privileges are something they say are needed for “safety”, but when hospitals sign these agreements with providers they protest, or as in the case of Toledo get the hospitals to break or not renew existing agreements. Stay strong and keep up the good work you are doing.



      • The hospital has replied and is holding firm. Our sidewalk faux preacher was absent again today and only two antis were there for a couple of hours. They didn’t arrive in the appropriate time to claim part of their sidewalk, so our escorts stood there. The two antis were quite upset.

      • Josie,

        Glad the hospital is staying strong. Our antis have “their” spots too. They get very upset if escorts block them from standing there.


  3. I have heard him carrying on the few times I’ve been on the property line, and every time, I’ve thought that there is a pathological disconnect in his psyche. He cannot possibly be listening to his own vitriol. His god would surely punish him for all eternity for the things he says to others in the god’s name.

    Or maybe he is listening to himself, and figures that if his god has damned him for all time, he might as well spread the misery to others.

  4. Well, he just won me over. Nobody had used the “dead baby in a dumpster” line. Aside from his artful word choice, the act of screaming at people just makes him even more convincing. Really, does he think this works? I guess intimidation for Jesus is biblical in their minds.

    • KyBorn,

      Yeah, with words to persuade delivered at top volume, he doesn’t seem to get many people to talk to him.


    • I would guess they would move on to other evils like IUDs and birth control pills. When they got rid of those, they would start yipping about condoms, tubals, vasectomies and other forms of birth control. Up next would be IVF and other fertility treatments. I think then they would come after married couples (especially white couples) who have not had kids (because sex is only for pro-creation and if you haven’t had a baby you have had and abortion). It’s been said here before that they don’t care about abortion as much as they care about controlling sex, and I think this is true. Why else would they be so concerned about gay and lesbian sex and marriages if it wasn’t about controlling sex? A gay or lesbian relationship will produce NO unintentional pregnancies and certainly no abortions. You would think they would be thrilled with this concept but noooooo.

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