Sidewalk Snippet ~ {9/16/13}

When I pulled up to park in front of the clinic, D was already out of her car talking to a woman on the sidewalk. They were both standing in front of the clinic talking and playing with a baby in a stroller.

I watched them for about 5 minutes before it was time to get out of my car to greet a client. Like that was a signal to get serious, D told the woman goodbye and the woman left with the baby and stroller.

Later in the morning, D was telling NB about her early morning visitor. Of course, this was told within hearing of the escorts standing by the door. No story goes as well as those with a larger audience.

D:  “I had a visit from a saved baby this morning. It was 6 months old and so cute. It was talking constantly. Of course, it wasn’t saying words but just making sounds.”

NB: “I’m glad we are out here.”

Of all of the things going through my mind at the time, “I’m glad you are out here too,” wasn’t one of them.

I’m sure it was just an oversight on D’s part she didn’t talk about the mother. It must have been an oversight on NB’s part she didn’t ask about the mother either.

9 thoughts on “Sidewalk Snippet ~ {9/16/13}

  1. I have no problem with “saved babies” as long as having a baby is what the mother really wanted. If they actually helped a woman who wanted to parent do so then good for them. They should spend more time helping women who want to parent instead of shrieking of hell and whores like demented banshees.
    I also loathe the abortion survivor crap. I also hate the whole “what if your Mom aborted you” garbage. My answer is always “then I wouldn’t have to be here having an ignorant conversation about a highly personal topic that is none of our business.” To be honest, I don’t care if my mother thought about aborting me. It was her choice and I sure wouldn’t have known the difference. Why are antis such drama whores?

    • KyBorn,

      They do like drama. The “What if you were aborted?” question always puzzles me. I wouldn’t know about it. As you say, it would have been my mother’s choice.

      Thanks as always,

    • Nicely said and I agree totally.

      I have a variation answer for the various “What if your Mom aborted you?” line of thinking.

      Me: “I don’t consider myself more important than my mother.”

  2. Weird. I say “it” when referring to babies, but I don’t actually like babies. I would assume the antis like babies enough to find out a gender and use it correctly in a description. I mean, they do primarily love babies, right? It’s not just about assuming mothers are just invisible baby-vehicles, right? Right?

    • D. Sidhe,

      Right….Right?…or possibly they only love babies before they are born. Afterwards, the gender doesn’t seem to matter.


  3. “Saved babies” makes me think of all the antis who claim because they were born after 1973, they’re “abortion survivors.” Never mind the fact that their mothers likely never considered abortion at all.

    • Jules,

      Even if their mothers did think about abortion when it was legal, they decided against it. They aren’t “abortion survivors.” They are just another flavor of anti-abortion rhetoric.

      Thanks as always,

  4. A “saved baby” indeed. I’d be interested to know from you guys how many women listen to the protestors and suddenly say “I’m going home to have my baby!” I suspect these “saved babies” came from women who were looking for options other than abortion.

    • Bodycrimes,

      You are right. The antis also count “saved” babies as people who come into their CPC as their first stop to find out about options. Once in awhile a client will be conflicted about their decision when they arrive at the clinic; no more than an average of once every two weeks and probably less often. They don’t just all of a sudden change their minds because of what the antis say. We don’t interfere when they show interest in talking to the antis or when they voluntarily enter the CPC.


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